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How and Where to get Alabama fake id


The state often nicknamed ‘Sweet Home Alabama‘ is known for its lavish beaches and industrial importance. For fun-mongers, there are a lot of options available.


Be it late-night concerts or a graduation party it is probably the best place for you to celebrate. The teenagers usually make a bonfire along the shores and orange beaches at night and sip the marvelous drinks. Alabama has so much to offer to the drinking and partying brotherhood that you will often hear of careless kids trying to get an attorney for their underaged alcohol-related activities. Whether you are a fan of loud music or fine tunes; it is no secret that this state has the most extravagant nightlife among the rest.


Changes to Alabama Licenses

These dates indicate the historical background of the changes made to the Alabama identification templates.

2010: A new improved look released by the DMV starts circulating.

2014: The extension period to become compliant with the real id act expires, and the DMV begins issuing identification cards with a star on them.

Scannable Fake ID






Payment methods

Read our Guidelines and Instructions on How to buy Alabama fake id safely

Currently, there are many fake id services instilling their identification cards on the current template. The license does not have sophisticated security elements, and most of the key features are easy to recreate. Hence, there is no room for even the smallest of errors. The main factor around which the success of your forgery revolves is the printing material. If you have a budget of over 100 dollars then, it should be a straight-forward purchase from one of our verified vendors.

As a fake id research blog, we believe it is important to educate users with some of the lightly-taken aspects of a forgery which lands most of counterfeit ID seekers in trouble.

One of these aspects is that of focusing only on the front of the ID and ignoring the back. We encourage visitants to read as much as you can about the back of the ID card. The ultimate key to your entrance into any of the grocery or liquor stores lies within the backside of your counterfeit identification.

That is because the scanning devices do not look at your photo or signature; they also can not scan UV ink or the template of your card. These machines are programmed to read the back of your forgery. Hence, it is important to keep a close eye on this vital element.

Passing rate

We have completed several surveys regarding the scanning success of this ID for out and in-state use. We conclude that this forgery has a nine out of ten success rate through the bordering states of Alabama. Some Bars in-state are very strict and will ask for additional identification; we advise to use your real name and strengthen up your counterfeit ID with your own information.

The average stats suggest that with a good-looking license it is easy to get into a decent bar and have a good time. The sites that we suggest to buy from will provide you an ID, that the bouncer will not be able to distinguish from a genuine one.

Bars with moderate bouncers and high-scanning success

Alabama Slammer Sports Bar: Located in Dothan, AL. The place has an intoxicating environment. It provides some of the best Karaoke experience and is a great dive bar with affordable prices.

Two High Saloon: Located in Daleville, AL. Sit back and relax with a cold one in your hands. This is run by two people with the highest gratitude and pleasant atmosphere.

Bars with strict bouncers known to spot Alabama fake id

Leroy: Located in Montgomery, AL. It has bouncers equipped with the latest gadgets to scan the fine elements of your identification. They are known to call the cops if people are suspected of using a counterfeit ID to get in.


  • The Teslin substance is suitable for bending and will not wear or tear with repeated use.
  • The barcodes and magnetic strip make it one of the most favorable IDs that can trick a box scanner.
  • Two holograms in ultraviolet ink with inscription “AL;” one at the top and the other at the bottom of the larger photo of the cardholder.
  • The state seal in the middle also prints in UV ink.
  • This will pass the blacklight test as well.
  • The magnetic strip needs to swipe flawless; this requires precise software for encoding data. Many mediocre vendors with cheaply priced fake ids will fail to magnify this feature.


  • It is true that Teslin is the best material to print forgeries on but, it is not easy for every vendor to clone this feature in an accurate manner.