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How and Where to get Alaska Fake ID



The state of Alaska is known for its wild landscapes and chilly temperatures. With sunset, an intriguing nightlife culture starts to unravel. Whether you are uptown or in the backcountry, you will find liquor abundant bars and places to roam in.


The fake id market has an essential role in helping minors to obtain alcoholic drinks in this state. After a tiring day at work or college, it is easy to sit back and grab a drink with the help of our forgeries.

Moreover, the stunning views and natural scenery pulls a vast majority of tourists from across the United States. We conclude that most underaged Alaskans will acquire an in or out of state counterfeit license to get wasted and cut loose.

Changes to Alaska Licenses

These dates indicate the historical changes made to the templates of the Alaska licenses.

2014: The previous template received a complete redesign in the following year. The DMV issues the newly revamped identification templates for its commercial, individual and state identification cards. In 2018, The Alaskan Division of Motor and Vehicles announced that the state has an extension till mid-2019 before they could issue real id licenses.

Scannable Fake ID






Payment methods

As of now, there are many fake id services making forged identification of the Alaskan licenses. The ID card has some security features which are not easy to recreate. The budget required to obtain an accurate replica of this license should be a minimum of 125 dollars.

Most vendors use Teslin to print and manufacture Alaska fake id. The real issue with most of these ordinary sellers is that their fakes will not bother to pass the bending test. While it is easy to replicate the license as a whole but the daunting task of getting inside a bar or grocery store is not going to be an easy task.

Read Our Guidelines and Instructions on How to safely Buy Alaska Fake ID

The blacklight and bending tests make it difficult for fake id services to replicate a precise ID of this state. However, with the help of user experiences and years of research, we have collected a minor list of websites that offer genuine and premium cloned id cards of Alaska.

Each vendor specializes in a specific state identification. If you can meet the budget requirement, and do not want your ID seized then it is suggested to spend a one-time hundred dollars on a high-quality product.

We also know the repercussions for carrying a sleazy identification into a bar or club. Hence, you can read about our Alaska fake id providers online on the right side. The features that a precise license carry are described below in detail.

Passing rate

They use box scanners in areas such as Anchorage and Juneau. These are very strict and will forgive no minute error in your forgery.

Particularly the barcodes, if your provider does not properly encode the card holder’s information into them then, you are at high risk of getting yourself in trouble. Since there are no high-five features associated with the licenses of this particular state then, you should feel comfortable buying it for in or out of state identification.

As long as the website you are purchasing from provides you a perfect bendable license with a properly encoded barcode then, you are sure to pass any scanning machine in the area. Buyers that purchased from the verified websites that we suggest has a staggering passing rate.

Bars with moderate bouncers and high scanning success

Red Dog Saloon: Located in Juneau, AK. Guests mosey through swinging doors & onto a sawdust floor in this Western-style spot with pub eats.
Red Onion Saloon: Located in Skagway, AK. Seasonal, landmark saloon offering booze & American eats in a lively setting, plus a brothel museum.

Bars where Bouncers can Spot Alaska Fake ID

Chilkoot Charlies’s: Located in Anchorage, AK. Huge nightclub with 3 stages, 3 dance floors & 10 bars that host DJs, comedians & live music.


  • A hologram of the Alaska state seal.
  • Snowflakes in the background are visible upon different angles.
  • The state inscription in the form of ‘STATE OF ALASKA.
  • Barcodes on the back carrying license specific features.
  • The illustration of the Alaskan area is visible below the ghost photo.
  • The card prints on PVC, but only a few fake id providers are able to use improved material and hence only their Alaskan IDs will pass the bend test.


  • The seal in the middle has a tri-color pattern and difficult for beginners to give the exact texture to this element.