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How and where to get Arizona fake id


Arizona has a liquor-rich culture. If you are young at heart, then you will find this state with abundant Vegas-style bars and nightclubs. The light railway will get you from one to the other end of the state for just a few dollars.


You can roam around the popular Phoenix clubs and have pleasure inside AZ’s best entertaining places. The underaged in Arizona will often opt to get the fake id of the adjoining states. We conclude that each newbie buyer from this state ended up getting the Utah state forgery or another adjacent state license to get alcoholic drinks.

Changes to Arizona Licenses

These dates indicate the historical changes made to the templates of Arizona templates.

2014: The version of the license that circulated before discontinued in this year. Arizona has a new look for the identification cards of their people. The sixth of the most populated states of the United States, Arizonian licenses issued before will no longer be sufficient to board a plane starting late 2020. You will need a real id act bound license.

As of now, there are a handful of fake id websites making perfect Arizonian licenses.

The template has a few challenging techniques that make it difficult for vendors to achieve the required precision like a real license. If you are purchasing an exemplary ID card of this state then, you should have a budget of over 100 dollars.

The techniques required to clone this new template does not make it profitable for forgery makers to complete this license under that budget. So, if you can not afford to spend that much on a forged id then, we will advise you to stay away from it.

Scannable Fake ID







Read our Guidelines and instructions on how to safely buy Arizona fake id

The new sophisticated printing and intricate patterns will change the way identification cards work. It is best practice to ensure that you are buying your counterfeit license from a reputable and verified vendor. Almost all states, equipped with inferior-quality identification became a target of overnight criticism from different security watchdogs.

The criticism was only fair because, before this redesigning, the security features deemed to be too easy to replicate. But now, that the ID cards have had a major revamp; we can say that the DMV has brushed it off with ease. These new licenses have some easy but some non-cloneable specs.

Passing rate

You have advanced scanners and machines that will detect even the slightest of complacency in your forgery. It is evident that any id maker claiming to make such a replica with the same quality is only building castles in the air. In case, any of the newbie buyers fall for it the result will be a confiscation of the ID and some unwanted distress.

Some bars are very strict when it comes to ID checking. Overall, The state has a good stat of allowing the minors to sneak in and drink the heavenly liquor with the in-state Arizona fake ids. The lifestyle is perfect and most of the college gatherings end up having a great time.

Bars with friendly atmosphere and high Scanning ratio

Taste of Tops: Located in Tempe, AZ. This relaxed, bring-your-own-food taproom specializing in craft beers offers bottles & cans to go.

Rúla Búla Tempe Irish Pub and Restaurant: Located in Tempe, AZ. A Popular gathering place for traditional & modern pub grub & live music in a historic building.

Bars with Bouncers that can spot an Arizona Fake ID

Four Peaks Brewing Company: Located in Congress, AZ. This working brewery also features a sizable eatery with patio seating & a menu of burgers & pizza.


  • The introduction of laser-perforation technique to emboss Arizona state outline.
  • The original portraiture which has a blue background is larger in size than the one in the previous license.
  • The ‘ARIZONA‘ state seal in the center.
  • Barcodes on the back which makes it a Scannable fake id.
  • A collection of different Arizonian locations in the background using complex printing techniques.
  • The illustrated samples of a cactus, star, and OVI of the state outline.
  • The raised printing method to emboss the date of birth of the license holder is not as easy as it looks. We have seen licenses being torn apart failing to meet this requirement.


  • The specified laminated overlay used in this identification card displays it with a unique coloring texture. The characteristic is minimally visible in licenses of average ranked fake id sites.
  • Hence, we conclude, one should do thorough research and read our blog and buy only from our verified vendors on the right.