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How and Where to get Arkansas Fake ID


The state of Arkansas is dubbed as ‘The Natural State‘ and has a beautiful layout with flowing rivers, cave networks, terrains, and landscapes. The people are crazy about sports. Most teens are enthusiastic and training at college campuses or universities to join and become a member of the state Football team. The native students of the state have an early urge to fancy and get a flavor of the college-life social experience.


It is a general notion among the underaged fraternity that the perks of having a forged license overcome the consequences of being caught with one. So if you are a freshman, party animal or a dance artist you can’t wait to turn 21 and yet possess the willingness to have fun then, you will need a forgery.

Changes to Arkansas Licenses

These dates indicate the historical background of the changes made to the Arkansas state license.

2011: A blueish template with a newer look started issuing by the Arkansas state ‘DFA‘ with more complex and modern security features.

2015: A minor development allowed citizens to have their identification cards extended for a validity period of 8 years.

2017: The real id act extension prompted the state to allow citizens to have compliant identification with a star located at the top.

2018: The complete newly revamped template redesigned with complex but similar features and printing techniques responsible for the new Florida licenses.

Scannable Fake ID






Payment methods

As of now, there has not been a single vendor able to recreate the new Arkansas template (released in 2018) for their fake identification cards. All the fake id websites offer the same old look and will implant your forged information on it.

So, if you come across any forged license providing service that claims to make the recently released Arkansas then, they are probably a scam or maybe producing it for the first time and hence have very mediocre quality. We must acknowledge the fact, that tricking a bouncer is not easy and an ID with a high-risk factor of getting caught will land you in trouble and rarely in jail.

Read Our Guidelines and Instructions on How to safely Buy Arkansas Fake ID

The first step is to ensure that the site you are purchasing from only offers the validated template and implants your information on it. The vendors that we suggest will offer you different variants of the ID card. One of the Arkansas cards will have a validity period of 5 and the other 8 years. They also offer the real id submissive ID cards for this state.

The overall feedback regarding these suggests that they are safe to use and is one of the most frequently ordered forgeries. It is a general misconception that Arkansas is one of the easiest fake id states to replicate. There are some easy-to-clone features but “AR” licenses do have unique elements which printing techniques fail to rectify. We have verified vendors for each state and hence you must only buy from those shown at the right.

Passing rate

If you are looking to buy this license for using it at out of state places then, you will not have any problems with the vendors that we suggest in our ‘Where to buy‘ portion at the right.

As long as your provider encodes the 2D barcodes on the back with the exact information that is listed on the front and scans it on a reader or box scanning machine, then you will enter almost every bar in Arkansas. The only concern is to guarantee that the ID has the ability to bend and take back its initial shape.

Bars with moderate Bouncers and high-scanning success

Club Frisco: Located in St, Rogers, AK. The club with a Wheelchair accessible entrance serves Bar games, fast service great beer and cocktails selection.

Infusion Bar: Located in St, Fayetteville, AK. They serve good drinks, happy Karaoke hours with an overall good environment.

Bars with strict Bouncers that can spot Arkansas fake id

The Timbers: Located in Nashville, AK. It is usually regarded as the toughest one to get away with a fake license. The bouncers are usually very picky and ask a lot of questions if they suspect a foul play.


  • Protective laminate.
  • The Arkansas state seal overlaps the primary photo of the person.
  • The Arkansas Flag appears in the middle with holographic illustration.
  • The holograms have an alternating visibility upon different viewing angles.
  • The printing substance that most vendors use is PVC and needs to pass bend test.


  • The state area shape is in ultraviolet ink and requires an exact quantity of printed ink to look real.
  • The signature should have a thickness that matches that of the real id.