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How and Where to get a California Fake ID


While the number of forgeries sold online for the state of California exceeds the rest, only a few make the perfect copy of a real CA state identification or driving license.


A vast majority of the teenagers living in Santa Ana, Orange country or Laguna consume more alcohol than the rest of the counties in the same state. After consulting with ten of the significant Scannable identification makers, we conclude that California’s fake id cards are the highest in number manufactured by overall websites.

Hence, giving high importance to the quality and reliability of CA licenses these sites ensure their standards match a professional level.

Changes to California Licenses

These dates indicate the historical changes made to the templates of California templates.

2010: This was the year when a new design started circulating by the DMV. It made it difficult for Phony ID makers to align the security features required for appropriately copying it. It took some websites a couple of years to finally start producing replicas of this design, and it continued till the summer of 2018. (This design is still valid till 2020 just not submissive with the real id).

2018: A fully updated version of the identification, driving and other commercial licenses began emanating at the beginning of January. The complexity of the features that comes with this makes it so different and one of the most challenging id to clone. By now, only a few vendors entirely draw this ID card, and just a couple of websites produce accurate versions of it.


Scannable Fake ID






Payment methods

Read Our Guidelines and Instructions on How to safely Buy California Fake ID

With each day passing by technology is revamping. We come across new and sophisticated machinery in different fields of life such as automobiles, patent innovation, and many others like microprocessing. In current times, the security and safety of the people depend gradually on the kind of identification documents the state uses to identify and recognize the legitimate citizens.

The United States real id reform encourages and requires all the states under the jurisdiction to comply with it and enhance their security technology in the identification documentation to meet a requirement of the highly-developed modern techniques. In January 2018 we come across a newer version fake id cards for the CA.

Passing Rate

The current stats show that this license has an equal passing and scanning percentage in and out of California.

We know that the only material that can match the quality of a real CA license is Polycarbonate but to modify the substance to trick a bouncer experienced to check thousands of identity cards daily is an arduous task.

Overall, due to the unique design and complexity of the features, it possesses we believe this should be your primary choice of a fake license for both in and out of state choice.

Bars with minor-friendly ID validation procedures

BIGS Fullerton: Located in Fullerton, CA. A dynamic hangout with multiple TVs for sports fans, classic American grub & live entertainment.

The State Room: Located in San Rafael, CA. The Hip gastropub for house brews, cocktails, wood-fired pizza & American eats with a global touch.

Bars where Bouncers can spot California fake id

Old Kings Road: Located in Santa Barbara, CA. Cocktails, draft beer & pool offered in a narrow, wood-paneled space with British-style details.


  • Laser-perforation.
  • Raised tactile printing.
  • Highly complex micro Guilloche printing patterns.
  • A shimmered DMV state seal.
  • The UV printing and when the ID is under the ultraviolet light the boat illustration appears along with other portraits.
  • Scanning is flawless on BCS and other machines. It is only possible if the card gets purchased from our recommended and approved vendors.
  • Barcodes encoding which is highly sophisticated and most generating and encoding software fail to generate license credentials for this id.
  • Due to the intricate guilloche and microprinting techniques, most newbie vendors will fail to imitate this characteristic correctly.


  • The Magnetic strip function requires an excellent generating software and encoding equipment, while there are still a few vendors working ahead of time, it is still not possible for an average id maker to manufacture this type of identification.