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How and Where to get Colorado Fake ID


The Colorado state is one of the most visited places in the United States and attracts tourists from across the globe. Be it the ski season or spring break; These are the best occasions for many underage kids to get a glimpse of the adventuresome life of the state.


It is one of the rare states with open Marijuana dispensaries. The minors often avail a forged identification card and try to get their hands on it. The nightlife is equally exciting, set up a camp in the Colorado wilderness between the gorgeous mountains and get your girls to drink with you. We conclude that many people pick up a fake license for a bordering state such as Arizona, Kansas, or Nebraska to have fun in Colorado.

Changes to Colorado Licenses

These dates indicate the historical background of the changes to the Colorado identification templates.

2010: The DMV issues a new template for the state identification. These are valid till their expiry dates and most likely up to 2020.

2016: A complete revamped license with improved security features started issuing by the DMV. The ID cards are compliant with the real id act.

Scannable Fake ID






Payment methods

Currently, fake id services are still making the outdated versions because it is cheap and does not have advanced features to clone. This may work in some places out of state but our stats suggest the opposite. The orders with most of the forgery makers for the outdated version reduced to eighty percent since the new one came out.

With a couple of years gone, some vendors are now selling identical replicas of the new genuine licenses. We have ordered and completed extensive research and as a whole listed these sites on the right. You need a budget value of 80 to 100 dollars for the old design but need around 120+ for the updated version.

Read our Guidelines and Instructions on How to safely buy Colorado fake id

It is not possible for a fake id maker to exist and make this stuff within the United States. Hence, we suggest looking for an offshore located vendor. If you decide to buy this counterfeit ID from a vendor with little experience or inferior quality then you can get into some real trouble.

The consequences of getting caught with a fake license in this state can get your carrier destroyed. Your forgery will get confiscated, but the offense of getting a false identity to obtain Marijuana is a higher offense than one for obtaining liquor. That is why we suggest to buy only from our suggested providers and return your feedback to us.

Passing rate

The scanning success of the license is encouraging; especially the fact that most licenses when used in-state are seized due to the familiarity of the bouncers with its elements. But the false identity providing services reveal that they are receiving an increase in orders for this particular license. The customers are reporting positive reviews regarding in and out of state passing.

As long as your license passes the bending and blacklight test along with a fake or real social security card that supports your Colorado replica then you are in safe hands. Do provide them with a non-blurry photo. The liquor shops are now equipped with the advanced box scanners; to trick one is not an easy job, but if you purchase from the seller that we suggest you will trick it with ease.

Colorado Bars with moderate bouncers and high scanning success

Back East Bar & Grill: Located in Springs, CO. Sports bar offering pizza & familiar pub food along with various event nights & regular live music.

Colorado Plus Brew Pub and Taphouse: Located in Wheat Ridge, CO. Warm, woodsy saloon featuring housemade brews plus many other local beers & upscale pub grub.

Bars with strict Bouncers known to spot Colorado fake id

Copperhead Road Bar & Nightclub: Located in Blvd, Springs, CO. Western-style roadhouse offering live music, line-dancing lessons, open-mike nights & bar bites.


  • The laser perforation technique.
  • The Colorado State Seal in UV ink.
  • The grey-scale front and ghost image back photos.
  • The frontal photo is a mimic of the Mount Sneffels, a mountain in the San Juan Mountain Range that is 14,150 feet tall and located west of Ouray and north of Telluride.
  • A real id compliant star.
  • The background on the back side of the card contains an image of the State Capitol building.
  • The magnetic strip needs to be properly encoded with the ability to swipe and pass.
  • The barcodes should be scannable.


  • The printing substance that the vendors use varies from Teslin to PVC.
    However, we suggest Teslin for successfully bending and taking back its primary shape.