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How and Where to get Connecticut Fake ID


The state of Connecticut is full of amusement parks, disco clubs and places that offer extravagant fun. If you grew up in this state, then you must be aware of the casino lifestyle and attracted towards the celestial bars.


The state has numerous places with historical background and by just looking at them and exploring you could spend hours. Summertime is an excellent seasonal period for grabbing your favorite chilly drinks and spend your time in exhilaration. Whether you are a fan of karaoke, live music or concerts; you can pick one of the many joyful ways to waste your evenings out. The fake id culture has increased in the past years. The under-agers have little tolerance for legal permission to consume liquor. Hence, forgeries assist them in experiencing these perks.

Changes to Connecticut Licenses

These dates reflect the history of the changes to the Connecticut identification templates.

2010: A new look for the ID cards started by the DMV.

2011: The residents had the option to choose from real id compliant or the standard card while extending their expired licenses.

2017: A completely redesigned template for the Connecticut ID cards starts issuing to the ‘CT’ residents. The new licenses look superior to the previous ones concerning security elements, printing techniques, and micro-patterns.

Scannable Fake ID






Payment methods

By now, fake id services are taking orders for both the newer and the older versions. Many websites are making valid ID cards on the older template. When it comes to the new license, only a few can recreate and perfect the updated one.

It is no secret that, any shady ID maker claiming to be recreating the more modern template cannot be trusted. It has some of the most advanced protection features and functions which requires highly professional staff and equipment.

Now any provider selling these for a price tag of 50 to 60 dollars is not going to make you a Scannable forgery of the CT license. A budget of 100+ dollars is required to avail a replica of the newly released license and then buy from one of our verified vendors at the right.

Read our Guidelines and Instructions on How to buy Connecticut fake id safely

Your privacy is important, and you should not take it easy. We always emphasize purchasing counterfeit ids from offshore located vendors. On average, thousands of low-quality fakes are caught by bouncers every night throughout this state.

Moreover, the equipment and the material required to clone the ID of this state need years of experience in the field, and it may only be possible in a country such as China. Hence, that is probably one of the reasons why forged IDs from that part of the world have massive demand in the United States.

We have listed the fake id service that provides genuine-looking IDs for this state on the right side, and will humbly request our visitors to get back with the feedback after purchasing from them.

Passing rate

This is by far the most scannable forgeries in the market right now. Some ID card makers influence the market with positive reviews. We tested this license for the past few months in different in and out of state bars. It is a general opinion that bouncers are not familiar with the security aspects of other state ids.

However, this is one of those false identities that will get you the same results whether you are using it a bordering state or in Connecticut itself. One of the bars known for bouncers equipped with the latest scanners such as BCS and highly trained professionals is Philly.

From the information and reviews we gathered, we believe that this license has passed nine out of ten times in this exact bar. In some instances, where they asked for additional identification (due to blurry photos) our members got through their questions and got in with no problem.

Bars with moderate bouncers and high scanning success

Barcelona Wine Bar: Located in Stamford, CT. Tapas & paella, plus a sizeable Spanish wine list, served in a bustling, urbane space with a patio.

Sliders Grill & Bar: Located in Plainville, CT. The open-late pub is famous for its wings & other bar bites, plus plenty of TVs tuned to sports.

Bars with stern Bouncers known to spot Connecticut fake id

Tiago’s Bar and Grill: Located in St, Bridgeport, CT. A comfy choice offering burgers & other eats, plus an array of bourbons & multiple TVs showing sports.


  • The quality of each ID in a group order will be of the same nature.
  • The thickness of the signature, size and the weight of the ID will resemble the exact manner as that of the real ones issued by the DMV.
  • The UV ink used in the outline of the airplane has the required quantity.
  • The ‘Whale‘ can be visible when the ID lits with a flashlight from behind.
  • The photoshop to embed the license holder photo into the template requires professional editing.
  • Barcodes will not scan if they not generated in the format as that of the Connecticut ID.


  • The holograms need to shine as needed, in some instances, bouncers will not bother looking at other elements if the holograms of your ID overshine.