How and Where to get Florida Fake ID


The state of Florida has a tropical climate and luxurious lifestyle. The people here are crazy about cars, and you can see Lamborghinis roaming around the Miami city. From exotic car races to Yacht parties, tourists and the natives enjoy an experience of a lifetime.


Let’s not forget the beaches that look like the Carribean with people playing sports and water surfing. All of this, along with the best drinks in the country such as jalapeño vodka, homemade bitters, bourbon topped with honeydew caviar, and cocktails. But let’s not forget, if you are not 21 then you will need a forged identification just like the rest. You will often find under-agers in the liquor shops and clubs with fake ids.

Changes to Florida Licenses

These dates refer to the historical changes applied to Florida identification templates.

2010: The state releases a new design for the identification cards.

2017: The Florida state licenses get a new look, and from now on all the ID cards will print on this template. The template has the same security pattern as that of the Arkansas fake id and is probably printed using the same equipment.

Scannable Fake ID






Payment methods

By now, fake id websites are creating ID cards on both the outdated and the recently released template of Florida. The newly crafted design is valid for the next four to five years and is the exact version as issued by the DMV.

It is compliant with the real id act. It has been almost a year since this look came into the market and not many vendors can recreate the elements of this ID. A budget of over 100+ dollars is required to avail the updated ID card and have a successful scanning passage in and out of state.

The vendors also make perfect replicas of the outdated version of Florida. Our research and online surveys from sellers suggest that the orders and sales of the previous look dropped by almost eighty percent immediately weeks after they started implanting IDs on the current version.

Read our Guidelines and Instructions on How to buy Florida fake id safely

The idea that you can get inside Florida pubs and liquor shops with an ID regardless of its quality or scanning ability is a misconception. The bouncers may not spot a fake from other state but in-state you must have a license that fools even the best in the business.

Our team has tested the recent version of the forged ids from three different vendors in a few strict bars of Miami beach, and only one was able to pass all the tests and get inside. The first one rejected on the spot due to the photo of the person being too dark. The guy protested to the vendor that even though he provided a clear and bright picture, his ID looked fake in a first glimpse.

To admit that the Bouncer was kind enough to hand back the forged card and not take any action would be ungrateful. The second ID did not scan on a reading box scanner our colleague had to provide further identification, and we were unable to back the ID with the required information. It probably happened because the barcodes were not able to be read by this scanning device.

Hence, we conclude the vendor that provided us with the perfect replica of the Florida ID lists on the right, and we encourage you to buy only from them.

Passing rate

Our analysis suggests that the newer version of this state ID will get you inside almost any place that requires an identity card for entrance. As long as you purchase your ID from our verified websites, we will stand for your support in case anything goes wrong. These vendors get verified after months of research and by many members in practical. Overall, the passing percentage prompts us to emphasize on ordering this replica for the bordering as well as inside Florida. So in short, Be it in-state or out of state, this forgery has the highest passing rate in the current market.

Bars with moderate bouncers and high scanning success

The Corner: Located in Miami Ave, FL. This hip corner bar serves creative sandwiches & small plates, plus classic & specialty cocktails.

Wood Tavern: Located in 2nd Ave, FL. Craft beer & cocktails in a hopping spot with outdoor communal tables & an artsy, industrial look.

Bars with stern Bouncers known to spot Florida fake id

Lagniappe: Located in 2nd Ave, FL. Lagniappe. A Cozy New Orleans-style wine bar with a shabby-chic decor supplying barbecue & live music nightly.