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How and where to get Georgia Fake ID


The state of Georgia is one of the many United States that has a large student population and many world class Universities. The ‘Peachtree‘ state has a bunch of cities offering exotic experience to tourists and the natives.


The weather in some cities is hot during the day such as Tbilisi, that is why it is more of a nightlife state. As an under-ager, you would want to go out and explore the age-restricted clubs and bars throughout the counties. According to some recent surveys, The use of false IDs has significantly decreased in the state, but old habits die hard. If you look and probe, you will locate more than eighty bars in a one square mile area of Athens that serve alcohol. The youths motivate themselves to get their hands on a forged ID for partying downtown and spending a good time with friends and strangers.

Changes to Georgia Licenses

These dates refer to the historical changes made to Georgia identification templates.

2010: Georgia unveils a new look of one of the most secure licenses in the United States.

2012: The state issues new guidelines to renew current licenses and the newer ones with the real id compliant template for its identification cards. Georgia and Utah are one of the first two states implementing actual id act into their licenses.

By now, many vendors are creating replicas of this state. Often dubbed as the ‘Best Fake ID State‘ by the community and fake id folks, it is one the easiest state licenses to replicate. It is also a form of forged identification which works both in-state, the bordering states of Georgia and the rest as well.

Moreover, the buying statistics of this ID has always been increasing over the years. That is probably the reason, why most counterfeit ID makers focus on making a perfect replica for this state. Any vendor which does not make reproductions of this ID will lose almost fifty percent of buyers.

A recent survey concluded that nearly 500 first-year students would use a phony form of id to obtain liquor. We find it fascinating that most Bouncers will let you get in even if they suspect a foul play; they are ordered to be stringent in the eyes of the people, but in reality, they want you to get in.

Scannable Fake ID






Payment methods

Read our Guidelines and Instructions on How to buy Georgia fake id safely

Technology has advanced to the point where any vendor can implant your provided data on a pre-made or purchased template from some Chinese market and get you a novelty ID. It might even pass if luck is on your side. But we should know that not all places and bars will be kind enough to let you get away with a mediocre bogus identification.

In the past few years, we have come across many complaints from people who got caught with a false ID. Some of them got their ID handed back and shown the door; while the others got reported and their id card seized. The worst scenario is when you use some one’s ID that looks similar to you, and you get caught with it then, you are more likely to hire an attorney.

So, If you have a budget of 30 to 40 dollars and want to acquire a premium quality identity card, then you should stop thinking of getting one. If you have a budget of over 100 dollars, then you can get forgery which will be so good that your friends couldn’t differentiate it from a real one.

We have verified some quality sellers, providing the best fake ids for this state and locates at right.

Passing rate

This is the sort of identity which has a one-to-one scanning ratio when it comes to in and out of state places. It means not only will it scan inside the liquor shops, grocery stores and gas stations of Georgia but also through the United States.

The confiscation rate for this license is very less, as compared to other driver’s licenses. The elements to recreate are not so simple, but the fact that this ID has remained in the same design for many years has allowed counterfeit ID makers to imitate each feature perfectly. Nowadays, it is really up to the Bouncer to keep you outside or let you in.

The days with a rush of frats are a nightmare for bouncers, and that is where most under-agers will get in. We presume that this ID tricks the blacklight tests and any reading or box scanners in the market.

Bars with cool Bouncers and high scanning success

Fat Boys Bar & Grill: Located in Newnan, GA. A Great place, people are friendly and inviting. Food is the bomb! It’s a very cozy and welcoming place. Please stop by when in town. Everyone takes care of one another too. And the bartenders are quick to act to patrons who had too much to drink.

Fusion Restaurant and Bar: Located in McDonough, GA. The Mediterranean small plates & mains offered in a contemporary space with a bar, hookah menu & patio.

Bars with stern Bouncers where they can spot Georgia fake id

Blind Willie’s: Located in Atlanta, GA. A hotspot with a limited bar menu features blues music from around the country plus local bands.


  • Due to a complicated design, this particular ID will pass out of state nine times out of ten. Be it the holos or the Kinegram on the back; everything has smooth finishing.
  • The 1D barcode and the 17 digit number on the back come in the correct format and identical to the valid GA id.
  • The Georgia state seal overlaps the photo and the license credentials in the middle have the same level of shine as required at different viewable angles.
  • The microprinting used in this license requires highly professional printing technique. Our verified make id cards which resemble this specific element perfectly.


  • The generating software used to create barcodes for this license needs to be spot on, The PDF 417 Scanner should be used to scan and test the ID before it ships out.