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In 2010 the phrase “ID CHIEF” was a popular news source concerning fake ID cards for news magazines & American teenagers. While it may sound like a franchise relating to some popular beverage or pot brand but in reality, It was a business that served cloned form of identification to the legally unfit drinkers in the US. Due to immense pressure created by the US Authorities and a letter to the Chinese related Law Enforcement the website was shut down & it is reported that they moved from China & renamed their website or company.

According to the news article on “Fox2Now,” This vendor used to ship their products in a disguised manner that looked like Wallets, or jewelry items on sight but in reality, they were packaged in a disguised way to slip through the customs.

In 2019, The company has restarted its services & are now reportedly operating from multiple locations. The ID cards that they sold were so good that the authorities in the US speculated that these may be used for other purposes than just underage drinking. So they pushed to close down their business. As of now, they are now operating from multiple locations & serving ID cards of multiple states in a manner that does not serve other than people just using phony “Driver’s licenses” or “State Novelty IDs” for fun.

Pricing: A few years ago their products were really cheap. They sold an ID for a mere price of 35 USD. But with their re-launch, their fake licenses are now priced at a higher range of 60-80 USD. Which means that they have significantly improved the quality & processing systems.

Location: Unkown – It is not known whether they use domestic shipping locations for printing & shipping or outside the US. Some people believe they ship from Vietnam & China. Most of our sources believe that they have multiple sites to ship products from & generally pass through the customs in a very easy manner.

SUPPORT: They use a ticket system which ensures every query regarding your purchase or pre-sale questions is answered in a timely manner. The customers have reported that the staff are very user-friendly & provide detailed answers to beginner questions.

STATES: They currently offer every state & they are one of the only vendors which make both horizontal & vertical ID cards for their customers. Their variety of licenses goes on from the US IDs to Australian and, many others. So if you buy from them you will be presented with many options to choose from.

PRIVACY: Their web server back in 2010 was not as secure as it should’ve been. As of now, they have professionally redesigned their website by relaunching certain elements such as a more detailed order form that includes the ability to customize your signature. They also offer group discounts which are a significant change that customers complained about in the past. The (SSL) encryption makes them one of the most secure customer data processing fake id maker in the market.


Template: Many of their ID cards are updated to the current ones issued by respective states. However, if there are some outdated ones then, they may be placed because of customer demand. Some of the fake ID buyers are very picky & many believe that the new design ID cards are not as flaw-free as the outdated ones are. This may not be true, because premium Scannable ID providers such as “IDCHIEF” will provide both the previous & newer designs in the same precise manner. In the end, it is the customers choice to decide whether to purchase the newer design for a state license or the older one.

MATERIAL: Bending ID cards are a specialty that was introduced by this vendor in the fake id market. Polycarbonate, Teslin & PVC are some of the materials that they use from one ID to another. It varies depending upon your state design.

According to “Juel,” one customer that purchased a Connecticut new & older template (crafted) license received the newer one printed on Polycarbonate while the outdated version came with Teslin. He further explained that both had the same bending quality but replicated the material of each state (REAL IDS).

Holograms: The “ID CHIEF” element supplier is very unique. On correspondence, they revealed that they have used one maker for all of their elements for the past seven years. By revamping their whole structure they still use the same hologram sleeve making crew that used to supply them back then. On further questioning, they also explain how they hire different staff for each state element making & how each overlay aligns with their ID card material.

CONCLUSION: The vendor is a complete mastery of replicating identification for not only the US (IDS) but also for AU, CA & many others. Their business has revamped significantly over time & now they are providing services to customers from different locations but yet affordable & convenient payment options. If you want an ID that surprises your friends and, gets you practical results then, you should not hesitate to purchase from them. They are your best choice in the current market & the stand-alone provider of fake ids.


  • Their shipping time is extremely fast as compared to other makers & they use DHL service which is highly appraised by the fake id community.
  • They take customer information & privacy seriously. They are in an agreement with customers using (TOS) where they advertise deleting customer information upon completion of orders.