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How and Where to get Illinois Fake ID


The state of Illinois or “The Land of Lincoln” is the fifth most populated state in the United States. It is known for some of the inventions that are part of everyday use such as the first ever dishwasher, the first wireless remote control to use a TV and much more. This state is home to thousands of students from across the globe.


The college life brings in-house parties, barn dances, and intriguing drinking bars. The minors use apartments, house or campuses for celebrating a small birthday bash party or a fraternity gathering for an occasion like Halloween. With loud music and all the Alcoholic games such as beer pong to the stack will make you want to drink and get wasted.

But to drink legally, you need to be over 21; otherwise, you can not drink if you are reported or busted, and this is where forged identity cards come into play. The underaged fraternities use phony IDs to get inside the age-restricted bars and clubs and taste the freedom of having ultimate pleasure.

Changes to Illinois Licenses

These dates indicate the historical changes made to Illinois identification templates.

2010: The DMV issues a newly revised form for the state licenses which brings in unique features of identification standards.

2017: The state discontinues the previous look of the IDs for the new identification cards and residents applying to renew their current id cards will get a whole reconstructed template for all the identity cards of Illinois. The card complies with the real id act.

Scannable Fake ID






Payment methods

Read our Guidelines and Instructions on How to buy Illinois fake id safely

By now, fake id websites are making the best replicated Illinois state licenses. Many of them make both the outdated and the newer ones. Our correspondence with some of the top ID makers for this state suggests that the sales for the older version dropped by almost eighty percent from the moment they started making the newer one.

We have to admit; the recently released licenses are not easy to recreate. It comes with complicated techniques of microprinting and perforation. The holograms need to have precise brightness levels because if they print more than the required quantity, then the photo of the license holder will get less opacity and will not pass at all. The unique security elements of this ID prompts the online fake id selling sites to enhance their equipment and hire highly-skilled working staff to resemble even the slightest of the features of this license.

A budget of 50 to 60 dollars will get you a mediocre replica of the older look, but to get your hands on a masterpiece of the new identity design you need to consider having a budget of over 100 dollars. Once you have the required amount of funds, you can then locate our verified vendor for making identical cards of the real Illinois ID at the right and buy from them.

Passing rate

As long as your ID scans and goes through all the tests that the Bouncer or ID checking person applies to your card, then there is no way on earth that they can prove that your ID is a forgery. The overall scanning results collected from the customers that purchased this license from our recommended websites shows that it passes flawlessly on BCS and other app scanners.

These phony ID service providers have the mastery of encoding their barcodes on the back in a way; so that an instant scanning machine unravels the frontal data of the license on the screen of the device. One of the most frequent reasons why ID of other providers fails to impress Bouncers or standard tests at gas stations is because many of them fail to bend correctly. We recommend this ID be used not just inside the state but also in the neighboring ones of Illinois, it has a hundred percent scanning rate in them, and that means you can rely on this ID.

Bars with moderate ID checking process and high scanning percentage

The Hangar 9: Located in Carbondale, IL. A Hip hangout for craft beer & live music in a rebuilt airplane shelter with a patio.

Bannerman’s Sports Grill: Located in Bartlett, IL. A Spacious TV sports bar with burgers & pub food, draft beer & cocktails, plus a lineup of bands.

Bars with strict ID checking procedure where Bouncers can spot Illinois fake id

Zazzo’s Pizza & Bar: Located in Darien, IL. An Energetic haunt with pizza & Italian eats such as pasta & meatball subs, plus a bar & lunch buffet.


  • The OVI Chicago skyline hologram has a real feeling to it. It is vibrant and does have a fair opacity level.
  • The ID perforation holes are laser-engraved and in perfect comparison to the real one. The ‘Illinois State Seal’ and the overall color texture of the background has an astonishing finishing touch to it.
  • The state area map on the ghost photo is in UV ink. We heard about this from many users that in most clubhouses, gas stations and liquor stores; that the ID checking person will let you pass away instantly when they throw blacklight at your ID and the state map area along with other ultraviolet printed elements glow.
  • The confiscation numbers of this forgery are very less as compared to others. It also shows that this is important from vendor’s perspective because they want to have your business and to must print great cards for this state.


  • The portrait of Lincoln is the critical element of this license. We have not come across many vendors that can recreate the suit and the illustration in a way that in-state Bouncers won’t find suspicious. However, our verified websites at the right simply nailed this feature.