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How and Where to get Iowa Fake ID


The state of Iowa nicknamed “The Hawkeye State” is the third most productive agricultural state. The downtown Iowa City is known for its famous karaoke bars, ivory shops, and lavish restaurants. The fixtures of bright lights along the streets and the honking of cars and buses driving around the city bring the excitement of it back into rural Iowa. The Old Capitol sits high of 40 km lit up as the center of attention, and the people walk around this beautiful structure. This building comes embossed into the background of the state identification cards introduced in 2018.


The Iowans take the opportunity to venture out when the Sun goes down. The city is known for its reputation as a big party school and the numerous clubs with bombastic music. The Iowa fake ids are one of the most demanded forgeries in the market. It has remained a problem for the local liquor shops and age-restricted places. The freshmen and other students usually use these to get inside house parties, prom nights and enjoy consuming alcohol legally.

Changes to Iowa Licenses

These historical dates represent the changes made to Iowa identification templates.

2009: The DOT issues a new complicated look for the state identification design of its cards. The previous version discontinued following the release of this look.

2012: The Iowans had the choice to renew their expiring ID cards by getting the real id compliant licenses from now on. The model of the id cards remained the same, but they added a star to the top-right.

2018: The DOT released a whole revamped template for its identity cards. The particular updated version comes with the latest security enhancements with features that are not visible to the naked eye. Most of the features remain hidden, and it has only been a few months since this license started circulating.

Scannable Fake ID






Payment methods

Read our Guidelines and Instructions on How to buy Iowa fake id safely

By now, fake id websites are only creating their ID cards on the template which was valid before the currently released design by the Department of Transportation. We have not come across any vendor that replicated the newly released Iowa template as of yet. That is probably because the license has only been in the market for a couple of months.

By correspondence with the fake id maker which we have received positive reviews regarding making state identification for Iowa, we conclude that they will require an additional four to five months before cloning each element of the valid ID.

While the new ID is not safe to use as of yet, we do know that the older version has remained the same for almost nine years and most ID altering services have perfected the art of reproducing your information on the old template. Our webpage will list the vendor that provides the accurately re-created id cards of the recently released license.

We know that these sellers import holograms sleeves for these and the laminates of premium caliber. Hence, we recommend you buy the pre-2018 version of the Iowa state license it will stay valid for a few years and will do the required job. It is a forged ID that gets you the same results regardless of whether you use it in-state or out-of-state.

The success rate indicates that our visitors report a positive outcome for out-of-state use; because the license has some unique specifications, it will get you in quickly.

Passing rate

The grocery store employees that check the ID cards of customers using reading devices complain about Iowa forged ids. They further elaborate that regardless of the identification tests that they apply to these bogus cards there is no method to indicate that the ID is fake or real.

It is a huge problem for local business owners, and they often look at the face of a teenager and become suspicious of their age, they ask for further identification, and they provide that because most will use real information to purchase their phony ID. So, they pass all the tests including the backlight or the bending one.

The next trick that the Bouncer or any ID scanning person will use is to scan the barcodes of your identity, but we all know that if you purchase this replica from our verified sellers, your ID will come with a Scannable barcode on the back.

So, then the machine displays your license credentials on the screen, and you have reached your milestone. Now as long as you act calm, there is no way they can stop you from entering the age-confined place.

Bars with standard scanning and high success rate

Micky’s Irish Pub: Located in Dubuque St, Iowa City, IA. A Narrow, wood-paneled Irish pub with a long bar & patio seats for craft brews, cocktails & whiskeys.

Joe’s Place: Located in Iowa Ave, IA. The Mellow neighborhood watering hole with a smoker-friendly beer garden, plus TVs, pool tables & darts.

Bars with complicated checking where Bouncers can spot Iowa Fake ID

El Bait Shop: Located in Des Moines, IA. An Offbeat hot spot featuring myriad craft beers, creative Mexican-American eats & live music.


  • While it is true that the state has released another version of the license this year; but, they also issued real id compliant identification cards to the residents before releasing this one. Hence, you can still avail the forgeries of the previous one, and it will stay valid for a minimum of 3 years.
  • This license has a scannable barcode on the back but we have received reports that the Bouncers usually let people go in by exposing the back-side of your ID to blacklight and if certain license credentials such as DOB, your Name and a duplicate photo appears visible under it, then you are good to go.
  • The Raised printing technique used in some areas of the front side includes a signature. Any validating procedure can verify this element by feeling it using your finger-tips; it will imitate identical like a real one.
  • Our visitors complain about some of the cheaply purchased Iowa phony IDs and that the printing ink fades in just a few days after acquiring their ID. They also report that in most instances, the ID seemed to break after their Bouncer applied a bending test. We need you to save yourself from this embarrassment and buy only from our verified websites at the right.