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How and Where to get Kansas Fake ID


The state of Kansas often referred to as “The Sunflower State” is the 35th most populated in the United States. It is known for historical places like museums, The first world war, technology, Music, lifestyle and beautiful food such as the Barbecue. It is home to the world’s longest railroad bridge.


The Kansas City is rumored to have the best nightlife in the Midwest. The Power and Light District is around eight blocks downtown. Every Friday approximately ten thousand people gather having a good time eating, drinking and shopping. The concerts bring new life into the celebratory nights, and they have great radios, the talent on the stage, and everybody looks forward to these nights. Most people grab a cold one at McFadden’s, and you have around one-fifty bourbons at Makers Mark.

The Boulevard Brewery has been around in this state since the early 80s, and it is one of the best summer beer throughout the City. You will enjoy almost every sports game have some nice cocktail and listen to some music. Forgeries are used openly in the downtown bars, and without these, it is not possible to legally attend these parties. This identification card has an essential place in the forgery industry, and hence superior ID altering services will offer genuine replicas of this license.

Changes to Kansas Licenses

These dates refer to the historical changes made to Kansas identification templates.

2010: The state started issuing real id compliant driver’s licenses to the residents. The Kansas natives had the choice to obtain an ID that allowed them to drive and use it for other functions but it would say ‘NOT FOR FEDERAL IDENTIFICATION‘ at the top. It means that you will not be able to board an airplane with this identification but can still use it for other requirements. While, if you obtain the real id complaint license you will be able to do everything with it.

2018: The license had an entirely new look introduced. The security features got boosted with a modern concept of identification features. The old template discounted upon renewal for expired IDs. The residents are now given this new look for new and as well as expired ID cards. Just like the previous identity cards, people have the freedom to choose between a federally compliant and the usual type of ID.

Scannable Fake ID






Payment methods

Read our Guidelines and Instructions on How to buy Kansas fake id safely

As of now, it has been a couple of months since the Department of Transportation started using the new template to print ID cards of the Kansas residents.

Usually, ID replicating services need a period of six months up to a year to examine successfully and then create the required elements to start implanting your data on the template. Moreover, for any vendor, it is necessary to make the IDs for some time and then improve any irregularities as reported in the feedback from buyers.

The better alternative, for the time being, is to get yourself a cloned replica of the genuine pre-2018 Kansas Driver’s or identification license. Since this ID has a high buying percentage in the market, that is why fake id makers emphasize improving their equipment and material to make perfect forgeries of it.

The previous design stayed the same for almost seven years and allowed these services to remove the minute flaws in these as reported by their customers over time. This design will have a validity period up to 2024, and that is quite a significant time. Hence, we conclude and persuade our visitors to buy this ID from our verified fake id websites listed at the right.

Passing rate

The ID has been ahead of its time since the release. We can say that it is one of the most robust ID cards to alter and then bring it to the market. However, its orders are in high numbers, and the fake id providing services have mastered the art of creating scannable novelty.

The reviews by our visitors imply that the BCS and reading scanner will pick the information encoded inside the barcodes. So, if you were to buy this particular license you need to make sure that it has the correctly formatted 2D barcodes on the back encoded with your license information; otherwise, it will not go through the modern scanning devices.

The in-state passing percentage is encouraging, but the out-of-state success rate suggests that it ranks among the top fake ids in the market for the bordering Kansas states. After years of collecting reviews and customer reports, we have listed verified vendors on the right side of the webpage which will provide you with a flawless Scannable forgery of this license.

Bars with cool-headed Bouncers and high Scanning success

Powercat Sports Grill: Located in Manhattan, KS. The Modern decor & HDTVs set the scene at this sports-bar serving pub fare, cocktails & milkshakes.

The Bourgeois Pig: Located in Lawrence, KS. A Quaint coffeehouse & bar with mixed drinks, seasonal sidewalk tables & vintage flair.

Bars with strictly regulated ID checking  where Bouncers can spot Kansas Fake ID

So Long Saloon: Located in Manhattan, KS. A Funky venue for pub grub & Tex-Mex plates along with bourbon, beer & specialty cocktails.


  • It is one of the rare identification cards that have a duplicate photo of the cardholder on the back side of the ID. Moreover, this photo is in UV ink and is not visible to the naked eye under standard light source. This image appears when a Bouncer exposes it to the ultraviolet light source.
  • The state seal overlaps the original photo of the person on the front. With precise printing technique, the correct ratio of opacity can be achieved to balance the brightness of the person’s picture and the state seal. The seal should only increase brightness under certain angles but decrease the opacity when viewed under a straight-ish angle.
  • The Hologram of the ‘KANSAS‘ state outline and the microprinting is of extra high-quality and resembles the characteristics of a valid id.


  • The state nickname is the Sunflower state, and that is why a flower in UV ink prints behind the first and last Name of the license holder. It is a stricter aspect of the ID, Bouncers will examine this feature under blacklight, and only our certified providers can resemble this element.