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How and Where to get Kentucky Fake ID


The state of Kentucky often referred to as ‘The Bluegrass State‘ is the 26th most populated of the United States. It is known for beautiful horses and their race tracks, auto industry, entertainment, sports and of course the Kentucky Fried Chicken. There are Cities with unique landscapes and serve as great travel destinations to tourists.

The state has an urban core and then you’ve got this fantastic green scenery all around. Often, visitors come from out of town always sending out to take a drive and look at all the horse farms because it’s stunning out there. There is real craftsmanship to everything they do in central Kentucky. It stems from the Bourbon culture that seeped through everything. It is the heart of the Bourbon country and has many distilleries within a 20 to 30-minute proximity.


Kentucky state has many places, and people with Sunset come out have a drink knowing that they within a few miles of where it comes from so you can’t get any more local or pure beverages to have a one-of-a-kind experience. The nightlife attracts under-agers and forgeries work like a charm in here. The Kentucky state fake id is one of the best when it comes to tricking the liquor store employee or the Bouncers. Forgeries are an integral part of the notorious nightlife culture in here.

Changes to Kentucky Licenses

These dates indicate historical changes applied to Kentucky identification templates.

2010: The state introduces a new greenish design for state identification licenses.

2012: The DMV starts allowing the Kentucky residents to choose between a federally compliant real id license or a normal one. It will enable people with an expiring license to renew theirs with the compliant ID which has a star on the top-right, or they can pick the other one.

2018-2019: The design for the new template unveiled this year will be used for printing the next generation identification cards. This new look will enable the residents to obtain a regular driver’s license sufficient to drive a car and do identification purpose. But, if you want to board an airplane, then you will need to have the same design with the real id star on it. Even though the model of the template is available to the public, but they will start issuing these in early 2019.

Scannable Fake ID






Payment methods

Read our Guidelines and Instructions on How to buy Kentucky fake id safely

By now, The available design for this template is the pre-2019 model. The upcoming revamped licenses are still four to five months away from being issued. While it is true that the current identification design will discontinue following the release of the updated versions, but we also know that the current Kentucky licenses mostly come with expiration period up to 2022.

Therefore, we believe it is best to buy licenses crafted on this version of the template and look for identity card altering providers that re-create the Kentucky licenses with identical elements and features to the genuine ones. The under-ager fraternity highly appraises the replicated IDs of this state.

The general notion is that whether you check in with this ID at a gas station, liquor store, wine shop or a restaurant they are usually minor-friendly and nine out of ten times will get you in without any hassle.

The top-rated novelty makers for this state emphasize that the licenses have remained in its original shape for almost eight years and this allowed them to remove flaws that were reported throughout the years by customers. So, when you have an ID that went through in numerous places and situations, it has a higher chance of fooling even the expert people in the business.

The reviews by visitors and off-site customers propose to collect the most reputable ID maker for this replica. Hence, we list the monogram of the provider at the right, and we advise you to buy this ID from them to have a great experience.

Passing rate

This is one of the forged ids which gets a friendly-nod in most places and has the least confiscation percentage. A survey by our visitors explains that how they tried three Kentucky fake ids in different areas each purchased from a different website to know which one works. The first they tried ID was the one that they bought with a budget of 50 dollars. According to them, this ID had the worst possible look on the face of the ID checking employee in the gas station, and hence they made up an excuse and didn’t even try it again.

After viewing the images, we see that the laminates used to coat the structure of the ID card were of inferior quality and hence that is what you get for a budget of fifty dollars. The second one printed on Teslin bought with a budget of 80 dollars, and this one tricked the grocery store scanner and passed the barcode encoding test.

But it failed to get them inside a bar because they could spot irregularities in the ultraviolet printed parts of the front and thus failing the blacklight test.

The third card purchased with a budget of over 100 dollars got them inside the strictest ID checking nightclub in Lexington, passing all tests. We decided to put the monogram and the name of that particular vendor on the right side of this webpage and advise our visitors to buy it only from them.

Bars with minor-friendly Bouncers and high scanning rate

Holy Grale: Located in Louisville, KY. An Offbeat gastropub, featuring a long, rotating beer list & locavore fare in a 1905 former church.

Braxton Labs: Located in Bellevue, KY. The Craft beer brewery is serving rotating seasonal brews & house-roasted coffees in industrial surrounds.

Bars with strict Bouncers who can spot a Kentucky fake id

Big Apple Cafe: Located in Murray, KY. A Lively hangout which offers indoor/outdoor bars, American & Tex-Mex pub grub & live music.


  • The ID card has the ‘Kentucky Transportation Cabinet‘ logo embedded in a hologram on the surface of the front. This repeats through from left to right and reduces the opacity level at a straight-ish angle while increasing with a side-view.
  • The crispy printing technique used by our recommended forgery provider gives a real touch to its finishing.
  • The state nickname “The Bluegrass State” imprints in ultraviolet ink. We have received reports of this ID getting tested under a blacklight in out of state age-restricted places, and if your ID passes this test, you will get in with confidence.
  • The only issue with this ID card is that average ID makers use low-quality Teslin to print these. While some vendors will use PVC, we recommend Teslin because it passes the bending test and our verified legitimate vendors will use improved version to clone your ID.