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How and Where to get Louisiana Fake ID


The state is often given different nicknames such as “The Pelican State” because the pelicans once inhabited Louisiana’s Gulf. If you crave variety in your drinks and want something new, then you will love the traditional nightlife culture of this state. The Neworleans City in this state is home to some of the oldest pubs and enjoyable liquors.


The nighttime is soothing, and people often idolize names like ‘Sex on the Beach‘ for the city. The Daiquiris are to die for; it all started during the 1980s when a gentleman in Louisiana had the Daiquiris machines and opened a drive-through shop for it. It even landed him in court but the fight went on, and he ended up winning and with that we witness some of the best Daiquiri shops popping up in Louisiana every day.

The drink of this state is called the ‘Sazerac‘ and music surrounds the whole City at night. Bartenders usually have party-buses with forty to fifty people on them and serve them with gallons of ultra-fresh drinks. This area offers some of the well-crafted cocktails and the bars here mainly focus on the classics. In addition to that, you could get intoxicated with Whiskey 101 on Tuesdays or wine tastings on Wednesday.

The best part is that you don’t have to stay inside to drink all these varieties of exciting cocktails inside the bars or pubs; this state allows you have fun outside because it is legally allowed to drink on the streets as long as you keep your beverage inside the bottle.

Changes to Louisiana License

These dates indicate historical changes made to Louisiana identification templates.

2010: Louisiana gets a new look to its state identification cards and the previous design discontinued following the release of the updated one. The residents with expiring licenses that needed renewal and ones applying for a new ID card will not receive the blueish look.

2016: The template of the identity cards remains the same but the residents are given an additional choice to obtain a federally submissive license with a Gold circle and a star cutout at the top-right to indicate real ID compliance. They can choose otherwise by selecting a template for their ID that allows them to drive only, use it for other identification purposes and not board a domestic or international flight.

Scannable Fake ID






Payment methods

Read our Guidelines and Instructions on How to buy Louisiana fake id safely

As of now, Louisiana is one of the best Scannable fake ids in the forgeries market. The template of this identification card has not changed since its released in the year 2010. The only change is that of the Gold circle star to have an option of a compliant ID.

Otherwise, the design has remained the same throughout and allowed ID altering providers to examine, re-create and test the security elements thoroughly. It prints on PVC, but some vendors will use Teslin because it has more durability and gives more functional specifications to the ID card.

The bending test is essential to pass, and Teslin beats standard PVC in that aspect. But forgeries implant on Teslin have to be superior quality; otherwise, your ID will break in the middle when applied to twist.

It is crucial to have a budget of over 100 dollars to buy a replica that gets you in without any hassle. The confiscation rate of this forgery is very less as compared to others. We picked vendors for the practical testing and used three top-rated contenders for making the best identical replicas of the valid Louisiana identification.

While two of them make satisfactory fake licenses, the third one stands above the rest. Hence, we believe that you should only buy this ID from our recommended member. We have allocated the monogram of this provider on our webpage at the right.

Passing rate

This ID has two Scannable elements hence it will scan through a scanner in which you can swipe the whole card. The Scanner will read the encoded data from the magnetic strip on the back of the ID. If the encoding is formatted correctly, the swiping function will display your credentials and confirm it on the screen. It also comes with another feature which allows scanning devices like BCS to check and validate the 2D barcodes on the back of this ID.

Overall, the ID purchased from our recommended vendor will pass both of these tests, and our visitors report that It scans in the in-state and out-of-state bars effectively. So we enlist Louisiana state fake license in a category of forgeries that pass and work both inside the state and as well as the bordering ones of LA.

Bars with forgery-friendly atmosphere and high scanning success

Korner Lounge: Located in Shreveport, LA. A Veteran gay bar featuring regular karaoke nights & drag shows in an unassuming space on the corner.

Beausoleil Restaurant & Bar: Located in Baton Rouge, LA. The Upscale Louisiana cuisine served in a casual bistro setting with an airy bar & live music.

Bars with strict ID Checking and low scanning success

Chili’s Grill & Bar: Located in New Iberia, LA. A Family-friendly chain which serves classic Tex-Mex & American fare in a Southwestern-style setting.


  • The photo of the person in this license has a blue background behind it; if you can provide a passport size photo with this background, it will make it easier for the vendors to embed it into the template. But our verified fake id providers can photoshop your provided image and alter it to fit a custom created a blue background.
  • A convincing forgery of this license should have the state name outline ‘LOUISIANA‘ and the word ‘JUSTICE‘ in ultraviolet ink. The second word should also overlap the duplicate photo of the person at the lower bottom.
  • The overall dimensions and the size of the ID should not exceed the standard size. Often fake id reviews ignore this aspect, but it is vital to have the same thickness, weight, and scope of this license. Reports suggest that experienced Bouncers in-state can catch your forgery if it exceeds the actual parameters.


  • The edges of this ID should be round and a little bit sharp. The thickness of the signature needs to match that of a real license. Only highly-skilled vendors can imitate this element.