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How and Where to get Maine Fake ID


The state of Maine often dubbed as “The Pine Tree State” is one of the least populated of the United States and ranks 42nd regarding population. It is the Land of lobsters and lots of trees, and scenic waterways. Maine is home to some of the famous roller-coaster mountains, and almost a million people come to hike Cadillac every summer. If it is summertime, there is nowhere else you would rather be than Bar Harbor, Maine. Whether you are flying or driving, you are probably going to have to go through Bangor. It is also a fact that Portland has more strip clubs per capita than anywhere in the US. They are an accepted part of the drinking code.


The strip joint as a neighborhood is a Portland specialty, and Mary’s is the neighborhoodiest.

Portland is home to some of the oldest strip clubs in the US and attracts under-aged fraternity to the nakedness. But to enter these strip clubs and the traditional bars you must be over 21 years or over otherwise you will need a forged form of identification that gets you inside. The fake id usage in here is increasing, and with time age-restricted places are restraining their access by improving their ID checking techniques.

Scannable Fake ID






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Changes to Maine Licenses

By now, Maine has only one template which all the forgery makers use to craft their fake licenses. The overall design of this ID has remained the same for almost eight years, and the last changes made to it date back to the year 2010. An interesting historical fact is that it becomes the third state in which the DMV allowed putting ‘non-binary’ on driver’s licenses for those not ‘F’ or ‘M’ on the back of the ID.

Read our Guidelines and Instructions on How to buy Maine fake id safely

The security experts often refer to this as ‘The worst identification state‘ design for a license. The ID card itself is straightforward. This card is easy to replicate and clone and hence some fake id makers declare it as the ‘Easiest State‘ to make a forgery of it. It is probably one of its kind identity cards which do not have ultraviolet features, and since most states have become compliant with the real id act, it leaves Maine’s identity cards one of the least secure.

Maine has an extension to become federally compliant with the real id. The current licenses issued with an expiry date up to 2022 will be valid for at least five years. So, even if the state releases a new design for the upcoming licenses, this one will stay valid for a reasonable period.

ID altering services have mastered the art of re-creating the elements in this license. It prints on Teslin and has a high scanning percentage.

Eight years is quite significant time for these forgeries making websites, and most will provide an excellent scannable ID. We have verified and practically tested Maine’s replicated licenses of the vendor whose monogram lists at the right side of this webpage. With a reasonable budget, this provider clones this ID with exceptional skills.

Passing rate

The in-state scanning ratio of this forgery does not exceed the out-of-state percentage. Our visitors recommend this ID for the east coast. We can say that this ID has the same success factor in the bordering states as well inside Maine. This fake license enlists in a category of identification acquired throughout the US. Since there are too little-complicated security elements to re-create and rectify, that is why most vendors will focus more on the features that are in focus by grocery store ID checkers, or Bouncers.

The 2D barcode on the back should be formatted correctly and encoded so that the Maine license data of the person pops up on the screen of the scanning device. It also comes with a 1D barcode, but even the real license of this state is not formatted to scan with a one-dimensional barcode. We conclude that buying this license from our verified and recommended ID website will easily pass at a BCS or PDF417 scanner.

Bars with high scanning success and underage-friendly checking

LFK: Located in Portland, ME. The Laid-back watering hole draws hipsters for craft beer, wine & cocktails plus updated pub fare.

Novare Res Bier Cafe: Located in Canal Plaza, Portland, ME. A Taproom & beer garden hidden off the street with a rotating, international list of drafts & bottles.

Bars with low scanning success and stern Bouncers

Congress Bar & Grill: Located in Portland, ME. A Long-running, relaxed neighborhood American eatery featuring a full bar & sidewalk seating.


  • The OVI state seal of Maine repeats across the card on the front. It is an overlay and reports suggest that Bouncers will instantly allow you to get through if your license passes this crucial test.
  • The ID does not have ultra-tech features. Bouncers are more likely to apply bending test to this ID than any other state identification. There is very little that a person trying to validate your Maine ID can do. All they can do is to bend your ID and scan it so if it passes these two tests you are good to go.