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How and Where to get Maryland Fake ID


The state of Maryland often referred to as ‘The Old Line State‘ bestowed upon by George Washington and dedicated to the revolutionary war fought by Maryland soldiers. Maryland is home to excellent seafood such as crabs, Tourism, biotechnology, and publishing. When the Sun sets in Baltimore City, the nightlife begins to heat up, bringing fun, festivity, and excitement. You can feel the electricity in the atmosphere around the world-famous Inner Harbor.

The Power Plant Live is one of the premier Baltimore’s nightlife destinations. You are a walking distance to a dueling piano bar, concert venues and much more. The cobblestone streets of Fells point will surround you with its legendary pubs, restaurants, and bars.


These pubs can serve 120 different types of beer on tap and close to 500 bottle-beers. Whether you are looking for fine dining, extreme beers, a good party, a special celebration, or a romantic evening; Baltimore’s nightlife has everything to offer. It’s not just this city; Maryland has some of the best hot-spots which can make your night unforgettable. But to enjoy all this wonderful experience, one needs to have a proper form of identification, because all these pubs and exciting places are age-restricted and the nightlife culture has prompted the under-aged to acquire fake forms of ID to get in and taste the freedom.

Changes to Maryland Licenses

These dates indicate the historical changes made to the Maryland identification templates.

2010: The following year MDOT (Maryland Department of Transportation) released a new design for its state identification cards. The previous version discontinued following its release and people received the blueish template license for their IDs upon renewal of their previously obtained expired form of ID.

2016: The state unveils a new template which has advanced security features. They waited for six years and finally introduced a new revamped design and immediately started crafting ID cards of Marylanders on this pink template for its commercial, standard driver’s licenses along with state identification. The model is real id compliant and makes Maryland one of the many states to have implemented federally compliant IDs.

Scannable Fake ID






Payment methods

Currently, We have fake id providing services making both the newer and the outdated versions of this identity card. After consulting with a verified vendor that makes both of these designs they report and we quote them:

The sales of licenses that we implanted on the blue Maryland template dropped by almost seventy percent as soon as we started making and shipping the new pink one.

It has been two years since this design emanated and ID altering services recently started offering these to their customers. This new version is unique and has modern, sophisticated security features which inferior ID makers cannot understand or replicate.

Read our Guidelines and Instructions on How to buy Maryland fake id safely

The mixture of real raised-printed license details, tactile text, and microprinting make it an altered-proof form of identification, and we have to acknowledge that no other state has released such a secure license model for their identification cards as of yet. While you can get the older model ID of this state for a price tag below 100 but you will require more than that to acquire the updated one.

Initially, our verified vendor that makes both the models suggested that the cost to re-produce and clone the new template produce an ID card exceeded the 100 dollar mark and that they would sell it for around 150 dollars to make it profitable for them.

But as the time passed, and now it has been almost a year since they have started selling the new Maryland ID, we prompted them to reduce the price to round about 125 dollars including shipping.

We conclude that while it this is one of the hardest driver’s license to falsify but on the other hand there are forgery makers that cannot only clone this license but also make it Scannable. Hence, we have listed the monogram of the ID maker that makes superior-quality replicas of this license on the right side of this webpage.

We insist that our visitors only buy from them because there has not been a single report of their replica getting confiscated for not scanning or passing the required tests.

Passing rate

The in-state passing metrics suggest that since not many people are aware of the features that this ID posses it will get you inside without any hassle. However, your forged identity card must have a Scannable barcode on the back encoded in the correct format so that the scanning device reads the embedded data into the barcode and displays it on the screen.

Our visitors suggest that it works like a charm out-of-state and the bordering states of Maryland have too little knowledge of its security techniques. The 2D code on the back at the lower bottom is the scannable part of this license, and by testing, we know it works on scanners such as the BCS.

Minor-friendly Bars with easy access to liquor and high scanning success

Gilligan’s Pier: Located in Creek Rd, Newburg, MD. The Diners can dock their boats at this seasonal bar & grill for surf ‘n’ turf, with a beach & tiki bar.

Red Eye’s Dock Bar: Located in Grasonville, MD. The Storied, rollicking waterfront hangout with live music, draft beers & seafood-leaning bar bites.

Age-restricted strict Bars where Bouncers can spot Maryland fake id

Looney’s Pub: Located in College Park, MD. The Scores of TVs & a substantial pub-grub menu entertain sports fans by day; cover bands play at night.


  • The license has more ultraviolet parts printed than any other identification card. We have received reports that in-state Bouncers will examine these parts under blacklight and if it comes up as it should, then they will let you go without even bothering to scan the ID.
  • The front has ‘MARYLAND‘ state outline and ‘The Great Maryland State Seal‘ printed in UV ink while the backside has similar ink used to embed a map and the outline.
  • A duplicate photo of the person locates at the back side of the card. The good thing is that the previous licenses demanded a blue background for your photo but you can send any picture to the vendor, and they will individually photoshop it to fit the greyscale texture.


  • The ID like the other state identification cards should pass the bending test. You don’t want to look like a sissy when the Bouncer twists your forgery, and it breaks in the middle. Only our highly-skilled altering websites can create such replicas.