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How and Where to get Massachusetts Fake ID


The state of Massachusetts often nicknamed “The Bay State” is the 15th most populated of the United States. It is known for having a significant contribution in seeking freedom. Massachusetts has remained the epicenter of American political, social and cultural life. The largest city is Boston, and every street in it will remind you of the role it played in the American revolution. It stands at the mouths of the Charles and Mystic rivers at the east coast of the US.

The Massachusetts Bay features a beautiful natural Harbor. The sea shapes the state, but it is her people who have helped shape the history of America. The Beacon Hill with its gas-lit streets and Federal-style row houses is one of Boston, MA’s beautiful neighborhoods.


Experience the best sports games, windsurfing and drinking bars from the culinary delights of Little Italy to the Irish Pubs which quench the thirst of this hard-working state. The Universities of this state are famous for liquor-rich culture, and institutions like the MIT have fraternities that take pleasure of the alcoholic beverages through the gas stations, grocery stores, and lavish restaurants in the state and yet continue to produce presidents. It is a fact that these drinking places restrict adults under 21 years of age. But there is no stopping them because the Massachusetts state forgery is one of the most demanded falsified licenses in the market.

Changes to Massachusetts Licenses

These dates indicate the historical revamps made to Massachusetts identification templates

2010: The redesigned license unveiled by the RMV (Registry of Motor and Vehicles) by the state. Following its release, the previous version discontinued and the residents will get this model upon renewal and new applicants.

2016: A new enhanced template for the state of Massachusetts identification cards started issuing by the RMV. Loaded with some of the most complicated security elements, it makes this license one of the top-rated among the state security for ID cards.

By 2018, many fake id providers reconstruct the pre-2016 and the currently issued valid template for its forgery business.

Scannable Fake ID






Payment methods

Read our Guidelines and Instructions on How to buy Massachusetts fake id safely

While these license altering services have mastered the art of cloning the outdated model it must’ve been a tough challenge for them to make a perfect replica of the recently released version. The kind of security elements that the revised version of this license has; a minimum of one year period will be required to examine and reproduce the same features.

The market has slowed down on the replicas of the old ‘MA‘ identity cards. By correspondence with a vendor that makes ID cards for this license, we conclude that people are no more interested in the previous model. The provider reports and we quote:

By the time we started taking orders and cloning replicas of the revised Massachusetts driving and identification cards, the sales and demand for the previous template dropped by almost eighty percent.

We understand that the inferior ID altering services plague the market and customers face embarrassing situations when these IDs are seized and get caught for false identification. It is a new era of security and most if not all states of the US have unleashed a newly revised form of identification for the residents. We recommend offshore forgeries makers for this type of license because of the expertise, material, and skills required to craft this replica is not possible to get cloned inside the US.

Hence, we have verified a legitimate fake id service that established itself in the market with an excellent reputation among the fraternity. We enlist the monogram and banner of this website on the right side of the webpage, and hence we recommend you buy only from them and get back to us with your reviews.

Passing rate

The neighboring east coast states of Massachusetts have affirmative passion towards this license. Vendors report that the out-of-state scanning percentage for this license is almost the same as that of the in-state ratio. That means you can obtain this ID regardless of the state you live in, and that is because the Bouncers or ID validating services are not very familiar with this license at all. The only Scannable portion of this ID lies at the back side.

An additional barcode that has the demographic data of the front of ID and by showing this code to a scanner it will pop up this data on the screen for the Bouncer or checking person. But that is not all, the reason why we believe that this replica requires a budget of over 100 dollars is simple; the ID has a lot of other mini and complicated elements that cannot allow any room for complacency.

Validating your forgery with a BCS scanner does not sum it up the Bouncer can apply many other tests and can spot your fake. Hence, we believe you should only buy this replica from our recommend vendor located at the right of this page.

Bars with friendly atmosphere and high scanning success

The Tunnel Bar: Located in Northampton, MA. A vintage train tunnel from 1896 with original stone & brickwork houses this luxe martini bar.

Armsby Abbey: Located in Worcester, MA. The Craft beers accompany comfort food & regional cheeses in a hip, cozy space with a brick backdrop.

Bars with strict age-restrictions where Bouncers can spot Massachusetts fake id

Shortstop Bar & Grill: Located in Westfield, MA. A Sports-fan hangout featuring a variety of pub grub & beers on tap, plus a patio with live music.


  • The Kinegram® is a unique element that comes only within this license. We have received positive reports that the Bouncers will examine embedded laser-written and Tactile cardholder’s initials along with the year of the date of birth from the front and the back side using a flashlight. If your license passes this test, they will not bother doing any other criteria and let you go inside.
  • The State House Golden Dome, the state bird (chickadee) and the Mayflower printed in the invisible ink becomes visible under only the blacklight. By successfully passing this function, there is no reason a person can identify your ID as real or fake.
  • Laser-perforation and engraving of the state outline including the raised text of the cardholder’s initials.


  • The reports of the confiscation of this forgery are very less, but we insist that you only buy this fake from our practically tested and verified vendor on the right so that your MA ID can successfully pass the bending test.