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How and Where to get Mississippi Fake ID


The state often dubbed as “The Hospitality State” is the 32nd most populated of the United States. It’s known for the beauty, old southern charm, the people, the laughter, and the great surprises that remind you that life like this couldn’t happen anywhere else. It’s is the birthplace of America’s Music dating back to the origins of Elvis Presley and Muddy Waters both Mississippi natives. They may not be around anymore, but the bone-deep sounds that changed the world and gets you hooked right away. The love of a fifth-generation fried Chicken recipe and the passion a brilliantly reinvented Southern cuisine.


Every city located on the state’s Gulf Coast has something to offer every night; Long Beach Gulfport-Biloxi, Pascagoula, and Bay St. Louis take your pick to make your down south experience an incredible adventure. The people are always ready to dance the nights away; local casinos and nightclubs provide an array of dance floors, DJ bands and a whole lot of fun.

You will need a fake identification to participate in a nightclub or an age-restricted, and the stats show that the natives of this state profoundly use these to overcome the barriers of age-restrictions.

Changes to Mississippi Licenses

These dates indicate the historical changes made to the Mississippi identification templates.

2010: The licenses of the state have a new design, and another version unveiled starts issuing to the natives.

2014: Mississippi becomes compliant with real id act and ensures to enhance their security.

2016: An entirely revamped driver’s license and state identification template unveiled by the MDPS (Mississippi Department of Public Safety) with latest techniques of identification safeguards. It makes this state rank among the ‘Best State’ license for protection for identity theft and related fraud.

Scannable Fake ID






Payment methods

Read our Guidelines and Instructions on How to buy Mississippi fake id safely

Currently, your average forgery maker is only recreating identification of your replicas on the old template. The design unveiled in 2016 is not easy, and our calculations suggest that it will cost round about 100 dollars for any fake id website to import the required material and then print this license. So, that means these identification makers will have to offer this new look of the forged ids over 100 dollars to make it profitable for them.

It has been well over two years since the new design for this license is issued by the Department of Safety. Our correspondence with most forgery services suggests that the sales of the previously designed replicas dropped almost eighty percent as soon as they started offering the newer version.

While your identity-altering provider that makes inferior-quality cloned fake ids in the market does not care to produce this ID, there are still some premium vendors that makes solid replicas of this new license. We have listed the monogram of this vendor verified personally by our visitors and team, and hence we suggest you buy this license only from them.

Passing rate

The overall scanning ratio for the Mississippi Driver’s license is very encouraging both in-state and out-of-state. It makes this replica one of the Top-ranked forgery in the market that gets you inside liquor stores, gas stations, wine shops, and Bars not only inside the state but also works in the adjacent ones.

Our reports indicate that a higher percentage of ID checking employees will use a BCS or other type of reading scanner to scan the 2D Barcodes on the back and if the same information that is on the front of the license pops up on the screen then they will not bother doing any other tests and let you get in. Your Scannable barcode has to encode in the same format as that of a real license.

Bars with minor-friendly atmosphere and high scanning success

Martin’s Downtown: Located in Jackson, MS. A Local mainstay offering basic American pub grub, a big beer list & diverse live music performances.

Cowbells Sport Grill: Located in Starkville, MS. An Upbeat stop for beers, steaks, sports & music in a casual space with comfy booths & HDTVs.

Bars with strict ID validating where Bouncers can spot Mississippi fake id

The Pig & Pint: Located in Jackson, MS. The BBQ plates with global influences & a lengthy craft beer list offered in hip, rustic surrounds.


  • This ID has Mississippi statehouse printed using a laser-engraving technique. The visitors that purchased this ID from our recommended vendor suggests that this element if adequately cloned will get you inside ten out of ten times.
  • Bouncers of in-state often examine the MDPS shortened name with ‘DPS‘ in the UV printed ink. This ID will pass the blacklight test.
  • This ID has the same security element as that of the one with Grizzly bear in California license. The state outline ‘MS‘ over the duplicate photo of the person glows when a flashlight points against the back of the ID.


  • The ID usually prints on PVC and Teslin, However, our verified vendor suggests that PVC does not pass the bending test and that is why they prefer Teslin over it.