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How and Where to get Missouri Fake ID


The state of Missouri often referred to as “The Show-Me State” is the 18th most populated of the United States located in the Midwest. The residents celebrate as friends and family and make it the best destination for all ages.

From its hospitality to the thriving downtown culture this state is all about living life to the fullest.

The residents celebrate as friends and family and make it the best destination for all ages. A classic example of Americana, cities such as Springfield can give you a lifetime experience with a great baseball game in Hammond’s field. It is full of interactive exhibits and museums with lots to explore.


The Irish Pubs with its authentic atmosphere offer special drinks where you people often celebrate birthdays, Bachelorette parties, and corporate events.This state has some of the oldest Bars that serve an extensive beer selection in a laid-back environment – nevermind the entertainment billiards and trivia which is terrific for after-hours fun. It has a vibrant nightlife, and the Missourians are the ambassadors of the great winery.

The strip clubs, pubs, and drinking-friendly places are usually full, but to participate, you must be 21 if not over. But, the Missouri young adults like to drink and hence obtain forgeries online to not shy from using them at different places.

Changes to Missouri Licenses

These dates indicate the historical changes to the Missouri ID templates.

2013: The template used by the DMV to produce identity cards of the Missouri state residents gets an entirely new concept. In September 2013 the state unveiled a new driver’s and identification license design to curtail identity theft and make its citizens fraud-proof.

2018: The ID cards of the state are still not compliant with the real id act. The state has a further extension till March 2019 to start issuing federally compliant licenses.

Scannable Fake ID






Payment methods

Read our Guidelines and Instructions on How to buy Missouri fake id safely

As of now, the fake id reviews regard this license as one of the ‘Easiest State Identification‘ to falsify. The ID has remained unchanged for the past five years and allowed our premium forgeries making websites to solidify techniques involved in replicating the safeguards that come with it.

While the state expects that we might see real ID compliant design for Missouri in the coming year, but we know that the current licenses will remain valid for until their expiry time. A budget of over 100 dollars will get you a Scannable replica of the actual MI driver’s license.

You can also obtain one for a low-budget, but we are not sure whether it will pass the bending test or not.
Moreover, most ID vendors fail to examine knowledge of the system used to acquire a real identification license from the DMV.

It is necessary to know that the DMV does not give you this ID at any of their facilities; instead, this will be mailed to you from some unknown place approximately 10-12 days after you submit your documentation. This step ensures that each of the applicants has a valid Missouri residence and that means if your forged ID does not have a real address that belongs to the state then you are in trouble.

However, our verified maker for this license does generate a genuine-looking address for your replica and uses a custom fake id information generator system to do so. We enlist the name of this vendor on the right of this page, and we insist that you buy this ID only from them.

Passing rate

This is your go-to-forgery if you are bordering next to Missouri. We have received reviews regarding out-of-state scanning success of this ID with unfathomable results. It enlists this license in a category of top-ranked ‘Fake ID States‘ and makes it a mattering product for the under-age community.

However, if purchased from the right forgery provider this replica has a 1:1 passing ratio inside the state as well. The only Scannable area in the license is the 2D barcode; if encoded identically to the same pattern as that of a genuine Missouri ID then there is no reason why this will not get you inside.

It should pass a scanner at a grocery store, gas station, wine shops, liquor stores and will display your license initials and other related information on the screen upon reading. We must not ignore other elements of the security features but this is the most vital part of this ID, and we recommend our verified provider on the right to purchase this.

Bars with moderate Scanning and high success

Ernie Biggs: Located in Springfield, MO. A Dueling piano bar featuring live pianists, a vibrant atmosphere & daily drink specials.

Elbow Inn Bar & BBQ: Located in Devils Elbow, MO. The Raucous BBQ eatery offering pool, darts & live music in a low-key, old-school setting.

Bars where Bouncers are known to spot Missouri Fake ID

Chicken Bones Party Bar & Grill: Located in St Robert, MO. Wings, burgers & other pub grub, plus cocktails, served in a roomy, rustic space with pool tables.


  • The Opacity level of the holograms located on the front of this license is very less as compared to other IDs. Hence, our advertised vendor carefully examined this over the last five years and adjusted their printing equipment to match up the required quantity.
  • If your license comes with the laser-engraved ‘MO’ on the duplicate photo on the front then, it is most likely that the in-state Bouncers will not even bother looking twice at your ID and let you get inside.
  • The stars and letters M and O on the front overlay prints in yellowish and the rest of the letters in white. The Missouri state seal also prints in Optically Variable Ink (OVI).


  • The Teslin used to print this license must be able to withstand the bending test. Our listed legitimate maker use premium substance so that the IDs bend successfully.