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How and Where to get a North Carolina Fake ID


North Carolina often dubbed as the “Tarheel State” is the 9th most populated of the United States. It is beautiful, and it’s incredibly exciting both from the standpoint of aesthetics and the diversity of its people. The enormous mixed culture of this state has attracted tourists from across the globe. Throughout the years, it has allowed different kinds of thoughts and beliefs for the most part.


For nightlife, you will want to check out the downtown City like Asheville. The locally run craft fair and cocktail lounges let you relax in there, and you can grab a drink, watch the sunset unobstructed from the patio and soak up the true laid-back spirit of old-school Asheville, NC. The City is full of traditional American microbreweries, but if you go downtown, you get both a beer and sake brewery. Food trucks often rotate across the streets so you won’t be hungry should you want to fill. You could order a flight to all six types of sake including a lemon ginger infusion – a natural kind which is Milky and unfiltered.

These bars and pubs allow you to sit outside in the courtyard. When the weather is nice, try to nibble with a group, and the bartenders will customize cocktails for you based on personal taste. But remember the legal age to get into these alcohol-rich pubs and Bars you need to have a form of identification that says you are at least 21 or more. Otherwise, just like all the North Carolinian under-aged kids, you will have to obtain a fake form of license that gets you into these restricted places.

While the in-state teenagers increasingly acquire identification; in the same time, people from the adjacent states of North Carolina use its license to trick ID checking techniques and get into liquor stores, gas stations, and wine shops.

Changes to North Carolina Licenses

These dates indicate the historical changes made to the Tennessee identification templates.

2015: The DMV unveiled a tamper-proof template for its identification and driving licenses for the residents of NC. It comes loaded with security enhancements which make it very difficult to alter providing anti-theft safety to the citizens. The previous look of the licenses remained valid till their expiry and upon renewal will receive their ID implanted onto this new template.

2017: Following this year the state conforms with the real id act and gives two options to the North Carolinians whether to obtain an ID for driving and identification purposes only which would say ‘NOT FOR FEDERAL IDENTIFICATION‘ or to pick the license that allows them to board a domestic or international flight. The design remains the same as the previous license just a yellow star resides at the top right corner and indicates that the ID is federally compliant.

Scannable Fake ID






Payment methods

Read Our Guidelines and Instructions on How to safely Buy North Carolina Fake ID

By now, your average online fake id provider should be making replicas of this license. We noticed that during the first phase of NC real id submissive licenses the company that mailed these identification cards had errors in their computing equipment and thus the printing for these stopped after numerous complaints by license holders getting IDs with mistakes in them.

After a few months, the company erased the required errors in their computer system and started creating these again. It is one of the most toughest counterfeit IDs to recreate because of its complicated and abundant safeguards. The vendor that we verified for the forgeries of North Carolina has received critical appraisal from the under-aged fraternities for working and scanning in numerous places throughout the US.

It is worth mentioning that if you want to get a mastered clone of the actual NC driver’s license, then you must have a budget of over a hundred bucks. It prints on different variants of PVC and Teslin, these vendors strive hard to obtain premium quality substance for their forged IDs so that their products can pass the bending test and they import hologram sleeves and use top-quality inks for printing. Hence we insist that visitors of our blog read all the details here and buy this license only from our verified vendors listed at the right side of this page.

Passing Rate

The in-state scanning ratio of this replica is almost the same as that of out-of-state. But this percentage applies only to a few online websites that offer genuine looking licenses of this identity card. We receive numerous complaints regarding how some well-known sites such as IDGod has provided customers with ID cards that do not scan at all and yet their identification are overpriced.

It is best to buy only from our personally tested and legitimate vendors. These forged ID making websites ensure that the Scannable barcodes on the back encoded in a way that your license credentials will pop up on the newly installed scanning devices in grocery stores, gas stations, nightclubs or pubs. The reports of our visitors suggest that the 2D barcodes must scan; otherwise, it doesn’t matter how good other elements in your ID are you will never get into a bar with it.


  • Bouncers will often test the back side of your identity card with a blacklight. The back contains your name, duplicate photo, and date of birth printed in ultraviolet ink and becomes visible under UV light. If your ID meets this requirement, then they will not bother doing more examination and let you go.
  • The date of birth on the front comes in Tactile, raised printing in brown color. Most inferior-quality ID making websites will use black instead of the actual color because they have not seen a real North Carolina license in real; however, if you buy from our recommended vendors, they will comprehensively replicate this feature.
  • A ribbon-shaped ‘NORTH CAROLINA‘ printed in UV ink on the front along with other elements such as the OVI ‘NC‘ overlapping the duplicate photo of the cardholder often gets examined by ID-checking experts. If your ID does have these elements, then you should feel confident about going anywhere with it.


  • The unique feature which makes this ID different than other identification is an ‘H‘ letter feature which is cut out in the actual NC licenses, and this comes microprinted in it. The vendors that we advertise do replicate this feature while the others fail even to resemble it.