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If you are looking to purchase high-quality fake ID cards with consistent security features that can trick any business tasked with validating your identification then, “PREMIUM FAKES” should be your number one priority. It is a few steps ahead of the other reputed vendors when it comes to taking customer safeguards and, standards of printing hi-tech ID cards into a new level.

The website is said to have started operating from the notorious “Reddit” channel “/R/fakeid” which was one of the most famous serving points for people wanting to buy altered identification cards. You will find that their quality has had appraisals all around the channel dating back to the years 2012-2018. If you are a classic fan of novelty ID cards that work inside your state then, why not opt for this provider. Out of state ID cards might get you inside a Bar or club at your will if you are lucky. But, if you want a phony ID that should make a fool of any scanning device or a Bouncer in the same state that you are in then, not many makers aside from “Premiumfakes.com” can deliver such a product.

Website Analysis

Pricing: Their products are at a fixed price of 100 USD. Like the rest of its competitors, this vendor also offers “Rush Shipping” option for people wanting their ID quickly.

Location: India & China – This website sold their products on “Reddit” back when purchasing and, sales of novelty IDs were allowed on /R/FakeID. They shipped their products mainly from India during that time. However, in 2019, They revamped their printing facilities and, shifted to Peoples Replubic of China due to a number of reasons. Some customers have reported that they have received their products from domestic shipping companies over time.

STATES: They are offering templates of state IDs that they have crafted personally. It is believed that they started doing Washington and, Colorado. As of now, they are offering some of the best-replicated licenses of over 20 US ID cards.

PRIVACY: The webservers of this company has a secured & encrypted system which gives you a vibe of safety as a buyer. The information that they process is in a pattern that is unreadable and, they usually delete data after a short period of time once your order is completed and processed.

SUPPORT: You can open a support ticket through their “CONTACT FORM” & usually China located companies are ineffective in communicating with “English Speaking” customers. It is one of their most esteemed feature that they have highly professional staff concerning answering your pre-sales tickets.


Template: Most of their ID card designs are updated & in acquiescence with the current models as issued by the respective DMV for each state. The templates that they print your data on are not only comfortable for printing on the front but equally on the back.

MATERIAL: Their ID cards are reportedly bendable as most customers that have personally used them. One of the rare quality of their substance is that even their Polycarbonate fake ids will have the bending feature. Polycarbonate is one of the most rigid materials & expensive as well. Many fake id providers refrain from using it for a number of reasons. The website “Premium Fakes” uses this to perfection & be it a Washington or Massachusetts phony ID; it will bend & pass the drop-test as well.

Holograms & UV: The holos of the new state designs are sophisticated. Some of the “Window State IDs” are ones that require the front portion of the primary portrait to be drawn in (OVD) pattern and, serve as a holographic illustration of the primary image of the cardholder. According to “Premium Fakes,” they obtain their printable security elements from a source which is dedicated & serves them only.

Stealth: The unique discretion of enveloping fake IDs in Rolex watch boxes & utensil packages are a total monopoly of “PremiumFakes.com” provider. Their methods have originally started getting popular on “Reddit” & now in 2019, their packages are said to pass the US Customs with no problems what-so-ever.

Conclusion: Getting a fake id had never been easier thanks to “Premiumfakes.com” & their products. We have closely monitored them for a brief period & their new revamped IDs look too good. They offer a huge variety of (TILTED) & (UNDER UV) images that shed extensive light on how their products will look in real. We rate them 4.5 out of 5 & leave it up to your recommendations & feedback to decide whether they are worth your money or not.


  • Their pricing for group orders provides significant discount.
  • The ID cards of this company are Scannable at various angles. You cannot spot a flaw in their IDs whether you examine them under normal or UV light.
  • They offer variety of payment options which provides the option to purchase your ID through various providers.