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  3. Use the Scoring System: If you are posting a review then it becomes important that you give points for each element in its respective position. For example you can not confuse the Holograms for Ultraviolet printed elements. Hence, it is very important that you read our blogs main page to gain knowledge of what features does an ID have and then be able to post a detailed review.
  • Holograms
  • UV
  • Templates
  • Black light tests
  • Micro printing
  • Laser perforations
  • Kinegrams
  • Shipping speed
  • Stealth/Discreet
  • OVI
  • Card Stock
  • Lamination
  • Overlays
  • Soundex and Barcodes
  • Magnetic Strips
  • Printing Substance
  • Scanning
  1. Photos: If you have purchased an ID and posting your personal experience about its flaws and results then you must include proof of purchase. For that, we want photos of the ID that you received and upload it in the comments section. We need you to hide your photo and license credentials so that it does not get stolen you can also use Paint or Photoshop to hide the barcode on the back.
  2. Irrelevant Topics: We do not publish content that relates to vendors and websites outside our community hence any post that advertises back links or brands will get banned.
  3. Balanced Reviews: If your ID failed to scan at a bar or any age-restricted place then you must mention the place and also explain the flaw in better detail. We will take it up with the vendor and it helps to have all information available.

Moreover, You can read our Frequently Asked Questions on the front page to have more knowledgeable facts about how counterfeit IDs work and have healthy discussions in our forum.