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How and Where to get South Carolina Fake ID


People often refer to SC as “The Palmetto State” and is the 23rd most populated of the United States. Tourists have consistently voted it as one of the top destinations around the globe, and the appeal is undeniable.

You can browse art, science, technological exhibits, and finish your visit with the museum’s 55-foot digital dome planetarium. The visitors often come for low-cost cuisine, fresh seafood, and the sun-soaked Atlantic beaches. It is home to some of America’s most historic Cities.


You can explore the unique culture, music, fashion of Charleston by taking a stroll downtown. Stay for activities like biking, shopping, and world-class golf courses. If you have the chance to visit Hilton Head’s, then find the laid-back relaxation on low-key beaches. On the 1.2-mile boardwalk in Myrtle Beach, you will find restaurants rooftop bars, strip clubs and streets with live concerts and fun.

Forgeries have long played an essential role in the under-age drinking culture of this state. The youth are enthusiastic about the nightlife in here, and they do not wait to get over 21 to be able to join friends and celebrations on different occasions. One of the most frequently used ID card obtained by College students and teenagers around the US is of SC.

Changes to South Carolina Licenses

These dates indicate the historical changes made to South Carolina identification templates.

2008: The SCDMV (South Carolina Divison of Motor and Vehicle) unveiled a new driving license and state identification card design loaded with some state-of-the-art modern-tech features.

2017: The template on which South Carolina licenses are craft gets an overhaul. The Carolinians will now have to get this new design for their identity cards upon renewal of their old ones and ones applying for the first time. It also makes this state licenses federally compliant as it allows residents to obtain a real id submissive card or to choose the other one for just driving and identification purposes.

Scannable Fake ID






Payment methods

Read our Guidelines and Instructions on How to Safely buy South Carolina fake id

In the mid-2018 some forgeries making services started issuing their SC licenses on the renewed design. While the previous version is still available in the market and many premium fake id websites will offer both models, but the sales for the pre-2018 template has reduced significantly after the release of the updated template. This ID card is one of the ‘Toughest State ID‘ to alter or replicate.

We currently have feedback regarding three makers all located in China that makes replicas of this ID. Since the release of this identification model the security features and its elements have remained hidden that is why it is difficult for anyone to comment or inspect this license even for a review without having seen the real one in person.

It probably happens with one of the three vendors that we have reviewed and one of the ID was completely clueless because it had no holograms and did not come with UV at all.

From a vendor’s perspective, it is vital to examine a newly released license with modern features and then allow staff to recreate the safeguards and practically test it as a Bouncer will do.

Out of three vendors that we tried for this state only two stands out as legitimate and provide cloned identity cards that will fool your friends and even the Bouncers.

Passing rate

It is a very tricky ID that is passable inside the state and does make a fool of Bouncers in out-of-the-state Bars. It only has one Scannable element which comes on the backside in the form of a 2D barcode. The barcode generator in these new South Carolina licenses requires custom formatting and only one out of three services that our visitors reviewed imitate it.

They insist that each ID goes through an application like BCS, PDF417 or ScannR before they get shipped to customers and if the barcodes that come encoded with it are not in a correct format, then the customer gets a free replacement.

Bars with friendly Bouncers and high scanning ratio

The Bowery: Located in Myrtle Beach, SC. A Storied club hosting country & rock shows, also offering bar food in rustic, Southern-themed digs.

Towne Tavern At Fort Mill: Located in SC. The Burgers, wings & beer in a lively spot with sports memorabilia on the walls & games on big-screens.

Bars where Bouncers are stern and can spot South Carolina fake id

Celebrations Nitelife: Located in Myrtle Beach, SC. A Vegas-style complex of 5 separate nightclubs with drinks, dancing, games & live entertainment.


  • Bouncers will often inspect UV printed pattern of lines under blacklight; enclosing the state area outline of South Carolina in the center. It is a very complicated element of this ID and almost impossible to draw hence one forgeries maker suggest that they hired a separate provider only for providing this element and nailing it perfectly.
  • The OVI/Hologram comes in the shape of the state outline ‘SOUTH CAROLINA’ and is vibrant and comes on the bottom of the front.
  • The fake id website that we recommend to purchase this replica from has accurate perforations for this replica. The lines are crispy as required and the Capitol Dome in the background comes in an overlay.


  • In-state bars are known to have to inspect the laminates hence inferior-quality laminated ID cards will not make it to the SC places. We insist you buy this ID from our recommended services on the right.