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How and Where to get Texas Fake ID


The state often nicknamed as “The Lone Star State” is second of the most populated and largest by area of the United States. The cities such as Austin has been called one of the most livable throughout the state. It is known for good food, traditional music, and a laid-back attitude. You know that the Barbecue is the Texas or Southern tradition. It has drinking places with fully restored old-school soda fountains with many flavors. It is famous for its music and known as the live concert capital of the world with over 250 venues for it.


It has quickly emerged as one of the hottest places for nightlife in the US. With quirky dive bars, poppin’ clubs, and plenty of places for the country and Latin dancing, it is a state that offers all. Whether you are a tourist or a local but at the end of the day if you want to grab a drink you can hop into downtown for an evening.

It has some of the coolest stripper bars in America. Some of them used to be standard residential houses, but now they are some of a unique personality filled bars you’ll ever get a drink from. The impressive selection of sausages and a fantastic wall of over 100 beers on tap and so you can’t ask for a better night than that.

Every drinking place in Texas requires you a form of identification that proves you are over 21, but if you can get your hands on a fake ID, then you will get the same privileges just like the rest of the people.

Changes to Texas Licenses

These dates refer to the historical changes made to Texas identification templates.

2009: The Texas DPS (Division of Public and Safety) unveiled a new template for driving and state identification cards. With illustrations of the Texas Capitol and Austin skyline it comes loaded with tamper-resistant and makes it one of the most secured state licenses throughout the US.

2017: It becomes one of the compliant real ID states to have fully implemented the option to serve its residents with a federally submissive or non-compliant IDs. The template remains unchanged, but the ID cards come with a yellow star on the right side.

Scannable Fake ID






Payment methods

Read our Guidelines and Instructions on How to buy Texas fake id safely

By now, any forged ID making website deems it necessary to craft IDs for this state. It is the fourth third most demanded forgery in the market following California and Illinois. Hence any forgery service that does not make replicated ID cards of this state will nearly lose almost half of their business.

Since these IDs requires holograms sleeves and top-of-the-art lamination, so it is not so cheap to make replicas of this license. Moreover, this forgery attracts buyers from the bordering states of Texas because it is a viable option for the not-so-Texas-familiar Bouncers and liquor stores there. Making clones of this ID is not as easy as it sounds it comes with different features like Guilloche micro-printed elements, embedded inks into the cardstock, double-sided ultraviolet printed safeguards.

Vendors that we reviewed for this state mostly priced their replicas for over 100 we have selected 2 to 3 vendors for the purpose and their IDs cannot be distinguished from the real Texas licenses. So if you have the required budget and want to acquire a counterfeit license of this state, then you can buy it from a legitimate vendor that we listed on this webpage and get back to us and review their product.

Passing rate

Texas licenses are known to have passable in most in-state and out-of-state places. The back of the card has Scannable elements in the form of a magstripe and a two-dimensional barcode. The strip on the back enables it to swipe in the locally in-state scanning devices which are known to detect counterfeit ID cards with tampered or altered magnetic strips.

Hence it is necessary to have it adequately encoded along with a code on the back which confirms the credentials of the cardholder on a reading scanner. Our recommended vendors for Texas state license will test their Scannability on apps like BCS, and PDF417 before dispatching them for shipments. Hence, it gets confirmed that these IDs have the highest ratio when it comes to passing successfully.

Bars with friendly Bouncers and high scanning ratio

Drink Texas Bar: Located in San Antonio, TX. The Long happy hours lure locals to this cozy lounge with sofas, TVs, drink specials & a relaxed vibe.

11th Street Cowboy Bar: Located in Bandera, TX. A Famous fixture with a cooled dance floor & patio, plus a bandstand featuring live country music.

Bars with stern ID validating where Bouncers can spot Texas fake id

Friends Bar: Located in Austin, TX. An Energetic option for live performances from local musicians, DJ dance parties & drinks specials.



  • Bouncers will examine the overlapping ‘TEXAS STATE SEAL’ on the front along with OVI/Holograms of the stars and the state outline. We have feedback suggesting that passing these requirements will prompt an ID validating person to believe that it is an actual Texas license.
  • The vendors of high reputation will always use Teslin to print this card. It absorbs the color and lamination, and the ink does not fade because it is a durable material and the best thing about is that it will pass the bending test due to elasticity.
  • The overall scanning ratio depends upon the blacklight test and Scannable elements on the back; if your vendor nails these features then you should feel confident and get inside into any age-restricted place you want.