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Read our reviews on how and where to get a fake id. Review the top ranked fake id websites in the market and analysis from a customers perspective. We list the not-so-best forgery services along with the best based on the experiences of people who have already purchased from these online services.

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#1 FAKEYOURID 42 in total including SSN.125 9.5 8 9 8.5 9 POSITIVE Express, Standard. 8.8 A+

How and Where to get a fake id?

With the help of our blog we’ve made it easier for you to buy a fake state identification card or Driver’s license online. All you need to do is:

  • Read our reviews about different states below. Use the search bar and enter the name of the state you want to read analysis about.
  • Compare the quality of their different elements and factors which matters the most.
  • Select the top-ranked website which users deem trusted and feel comfortable with.
  • Place your order with the vendor you select and receive your forged id.
  • Get back to us with your feedback and contribute to the community.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAKE ID FAQ)

Read answers to your queries or concerns before your purchase.

The legal age to drink in the US is 21, and if you are younger than that number, then there is no way you can obtain alcoholic beverages, enter strip clubs, liquor stores, or even purchase liquor from large grocery shops like Walmart, 7-Eleven, or Walgreens. The American culture for celebrating a momentous occasion like Bachelorette parties, dance nights, freshmen gatherings, birthday bashes has liquor as an integrating part. So there are two options. You can either wait to grow up to the magic number which is 21 otherwise you can get a counterfeit form of identification that says you are old enough to drink and ready to get wasted. We know the second one strikes most of the young ones and that is why the US has a significant demand for forged ids. We leave that choice to yours, but we only have one advice for our visitors.


Most of them have their equipment and set up in foreign places, where ID altering and forging is not illegal. Moreover, countries like China where most of these companies work are not under the jurisdiction of the United States. There have been vendors located inside the US, but they have closed because of complaints and rightly so. For now, it is nearly impossible to stay in the US and make forged ids and sell them to the public. They craft their IDs and ship from countries like China using stealth methods that easily bypass US customs. However, we do not list every website that makes these IDs in here. We only list ‘The Best in the Business‘ and make sure that the methods that they use for discreet remain hidden.

The answer to this is not easy. Remember, we are not a fake id making service. The purpose of our blog is to investigate, examine, and review different aspects relating to a successful purchase of counterfeit IDs. We know that it is your concern as to which ID and vendor is suited best for your order. That is why, we have hundreds of reviews for you where we divide our judgements based on different categories such as:

  • Holograms
  • UV
  • Templates
  • Black light tests
  • Micro printing
  • Laser perforations
  • Kinegrams
  • Shipping speed
  • Stealth/Discreet
  • OVI
  • Card Stock
  • Lamination
  • Overlays
  • Soundex and Barcodes
  • Magnetic Strips
  • Printing Substance
  • Scanning

Moreover, you can read our detailed analysis for each state and vendor and from the stars that we allocate to each aspect you can easily calculate and conclude the best option for yourself based on your location.

The /r/fakeid channel of Reddit had to close because many domestically located vendors used to directly sell IDs there creating an unsafe environment both for the customers and the vendors. The banning of this channel created a lack of communication and feedback among the buyers and sellers of forged ids. Hence, our blog fills that gap and publishes reviews with regular updates related to forgeries.

Our blog has many members most of them are still under-age, and they acquire fake identification to roam around different fun places. They’ve kept track of their experiences and vendors that gave them hard-time running away with their money and ones that won their trust. Our primary goal is to ensure that you get a replica that completes the purpose. We do not want people to get scammed or spend money on IDs that get you into trouble. We are unbiased, and the only thing we benefit from your reviews is marketing for our website.

While most vendors that we have listed here are legitimate but we emphasize to buy only from the top-rated ones. We record what to look for in a trusted and legitimate counterfeit service:

  • The authentic providers usually have well-crafted websites, and each of their states will have a separate page for it detailing the features of them.
  • They will have detailed photos of our their samples and should resemble the name of their company in the credentials of a driver’s license or state ID such as the First and last name along with the signature.
  • Most legitimate providers will use one photo and person for all their samples.
  • The verified providers may also have videos showing proof of how they produce these replicas.

That is up to you; However, we recommend obtaining a Driver’s license because of it the most common type of id and we have not come across many services that make replicas of state identification cards. However, the first-ranked vendor on our Ranking Table do make both and gives you the option to obtain any of the following. They also allow you to choose between a real id compliant license and a non-submissive one.

With payment methods like Paypal, Credit cards and Bank Transfers it always has been a significant problem for forgery makers to maintain the level of privacy that their customers and they themselves deserve. While on /r/fakeid in Reddit our members often discussed options to replace the payment giants mentioned above. However, during that time it was not possible because of decidedly fewer opportunities.

With the close of Liberty Reserve and some other replacements, it became more difficult. But now, we know there are several other options be it the revolutionary cryptocurrency or the gift card method it has become convenient for forgery services to accept different ways.

1) Bitcoin: If you are familiar with cryptocurrency then you need not an introduction to this name, but if you are new then you must know that it is a virtual form of payment that has been recognized on the world forum. By paying with this method both the buyer and seller remain anonymous because it requires no bank account, or personal details to make a transaction with it.

2) Gift Cards: With the emergence of large grocery stores in the US the gift card industry has thrived. You can purchase an Amazon or Visa gift card, and most of the ID makers will accept it not physically, but you will have to send them pictures of it they will redeem the voucher and send you the ID. It has never been easier than this, and we mostly insist on paying with this method because it is extraordinary and the most secure of all.

3) Money Transfer: You can also use a service like Western Union or Money Gram to pay for your ID. It has remained one of the most reliable methods in recent times. But there has been the more robust stance on the use of drops for picking funds, and it gives less privacy to the customer and buyer so use it only when there is no other option otherwise stick to the above-mentioned methods.

It is a tough question because every maker has its specific stronger and weaker points for the particular type of ids. That is why where serves a bridge between a seller and a buyer, and if anything goes wrong, we will stand up for the customer no matter what. With our Top 5 Makers, we have selected vendors that have excelled the expectations of their customers. We review each security safeguard when it comes to placing these in categories of legitimate and the not-so-best.

Always buy fake ids from the top-rated vendor in the Top 5 table on this website.

While we do not take personal responsibility for any of these, However, it is a hundred percent certain that these makers are legitimate and buying from them will prove as a fantastic experience for you. These have been verified and placed into different categories as per our requirements and have made it to the list after years of addressing customer complaints, ID flaws, providing duplicates and refunds to people that have received different forgeries from what they ordered. With these services, you can feel safe and get back to us with your experience.

That may depend on many factors.

1) Budget: You must have a reasonable amount to pay for a genuine-looking ID. If you are looking for a cheaply recreated ID, then you should not expect it to make it to bars with scanners and modern state-of-the-art technology.

2) Quality: If your ID passes the tests advertised in the bar book then there is no reason why it should be identified as a fake license.

3) Be Smart: Use your real information when submitting your order form. In rare instances, in-state ID validation can get strict. If they suspect a flaw you may be asked for further identification such as a Credit or Debit card or even a Social Security Card so if you had used real information on your replica, then you can back it up with a real one and get them to bow down.

4) Confidence: This is the crucial factor when it comes to not getting caught. You have to understand that Bouncers have received training to detect suspicious look on your face so if you feel anxious they might not even take a look at your ID and get you into trouble so be confident and maybe take a sip of beer before going in and smash that ID training and make a fool of them.

5) Scannability: This is the most important of all. It is a standard validation procedure used in various grocery stores, gas stations, and liquor stores. All they will do is read the barcodes on the back of your ID or maybe swipe it in a device that reads the magnetic strip of your forgery if your vendor encoded it correctly then you will get away with it otherwise not. Learn more on this at this Blog, they explain in detail how do Bouncers spot a fake id.

One of the significant points in our category is the Scannability of the replicas that we review because your ID card will never make it to the inside if it does not scan. Hence every ID that we discuss will do have the potential Scannable elements, and unless we are affirmative that these features have been appropriately tested and formatted in the required format, we will never list them. Each of our vendors has clearly stated that they pre-test their altered IDs with apps like ScannR, BCS or PDF417 before they dispatch them for shipping. Moreover, these services pay hefty amounts to generate their barcodes that resemble the ones that come with the actual licenses.

A novelty id is one that is a replica of the actual license, but it lacks features that make it look legitimate. Moreover, it is used only for fun purposes such as for pranks with your gang or having a gala time with your friends.

A fake identification card is one that is supplied by a forgery making service, and the under-age people often use it in age-restricted or other places for identification. While it is legal to obtain a novelty ID for fun purposes but at the same time having a false identification can land you in severe repercussions and even a felony.

It depends on where you use it, some states and Bars are very stern, and if you get caught with a forged id, they confiscate it or worse report you for trying to ruin their business.

In America, millions of counterfeit ids are confiscated every year in different States, and mostly from the under-age kids. The drinking shops and Bars have put strong measures to curb the use of it because they are on the verge of losing business if they keep serving customers that are not legally 21.